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    Faction Profile: Acronymian Empire

    Leader: No current individual leader, current major figures in the interim government include ISF General Leon Vettel and Imperial Army General Johnathan Noir
    General Information: The Empire as it is now is a reformed entity, having ousted Emperor Vyrn and his inner circle, and is presently awaiting elections to take mainline power away from the military.
    Equipment, Vehicles, and Sources: (Note, some things may not appear here.)

    High tech armor, riot gear (stun batons, armor, shields), pulse rifles, hovertanks. Other, more description-warranting assets include gunships-black VTOL craft with whisper engines, a laser chaingun, and wing-mounted turbolasers. Another is a rocket launcher with two rocket types: Normal and Annihilator. The Annihilator rockets... well... To quote KK:
    These revolutionary new rockets use a new type of compact explosive to drive an explosive rod into the target upon impact, completely bypassing its armor! After a few seconds, the explosive rod, predictably enough, explodes, showering the entire inside of the craft (and the outsides of several objects within 10 meters of the craft) with shrapnel.
    Then the shrapnel explodes.
    Needless to say, these new rockets are highly expensive and impractical, especially considering that they too, have no seeking capability. Only for use against large tanks or airships, when absolutely everything must go!
    The next is basically this, except with laser chainguns, in the words of Kid Kris.

    A more recent purchase is an interesting variety of stealth detectors.
    See-All-Evil Stealth Detectors!

    Coming in a sleek and stylish package, the device consists of a compact backpack, holding the main device, and a small two-way screen that one can look through, rendering the invisible, visible! So simple, even an NPC can use it.
    The cloak detector is powered by Narrativium* and is capable of piercing cloaks, invisibility spells or illusions of all types, except for those running on the rule of cool or plot.
    There are also beam sniper rifles originally from K-Corp, but they have not been used for a while. This could change if a PC squad wanted to use 'em, I guess. These fire piercing energy beams in lieu of a typical sniper rifle round, the piercing capability being quite similar.

    Purchased from Erin's Emporium:
    Portable anti-teleportation devices, stun and tear gas

    Laser pistols, electro-grenades, and APCs. Also cloaking devices. Also, all Navy ships, seen later.

    Magtok, directly or otherwise:
    Laser cannons, looted and reverse-engineered during the War for Inside. Plasma-launching artillery, designs for which were extorted from Magtok in exchange for not killing him. It looks like a cement truck, only the cement-container-thing is an artillery plasma cannon. Second on the extorted-from-Magtok list is an odd fighter jet type aircraft, with a strange self-powered repulsor unit that looks rather like a heater on the bottom of it, acting as its landing gear. Otherwise, it's armed with a laser-machinegun and eight missiles.

    Imperial Army:

    The Empire has the following army organization.
    Squad-7 soldiers each, equipment varies depending on situation. One of the 7 is an officer who leads the squad. Officers always have an anti-teleport device. One squad member is likely to have a stealth detector. Army soldiers are equipped with pulse rifles, laser pistols, and Supercharger combat knives (see below under ISF weapons), along with standard Imperial armor. The helmets are particularly of note as they are fully head-concealing with air filters and special vision modes. In addition, Army soldiers can carry personnel weapons described in the Equipment/Sources section. Finally, the main army is spread throughout Imperial territory in general, leaving the Imperial Security Forces as Inside's main peacekeepers. The main army does have a large garrison based at the Imperial HQ in Inside, however. SEE BOTTOM FOR MORE
    Division: 10 squads.
    Battalion: 10 divisions.

    Imperial Security Forces

    The Imperial Security Forces, bearing an identical acronym to the government's old name, are a reorganized force in Inside itself alone. The new ISF is a quick-response sub-organization of the Imperial Army, with specialized equipment and vehicles. The base of the ISF is the Old Base, previously used in the original War for Inside and a while after before the new HQ was built. The ISF has also taken the old army's riot troopers.

    The new ISF is organized a bit differently from the standard army in the wake of repeated conflicts lowering numbers.

    A squad is now 6 soldiers, able to be divided into two fireteams. Leaders coordinate with teams via comlinks for direct orders, and the two senior officers in the squad lead the fireteams.

    Divisions and Battalions are unchanged, but the decreased squad size affects their numbers. Not that these are likely to become relevant due to the nature of the new ISF as a security force rather than the main army, but it's more of an internal organization thing.

    Equipment and vehicle support differ a fair bit from the main army, however.

    The equipment of the new ISF is generally lighter than that of the main army, with more emphasis on making more out of less.

    First, the standard Imperial weapon, the pulse rifle, becomes a pulse carbine, similar in difference to a modern-day M16 rifle and an M4 carbine. That is to say, it is a shorter and lighter variant of the normal weapon.

    Another pulse rifle-based weapon is essentially a pulse SMG, a light rapid-fire weapon with shorter effective range than the carbine or rifle. It is usually carried by those carrying heavier weapons as well.

    ISF soldiers can elect to carry two other types of main weapons as well. These are the standard Imperial beam sniper rifle and a type of pulse scattergun. This is essentially a pulse weapon in the form of a shotgun, scattering smaller pulse fire projectiles over an adjustable spread.

    The sidearm of most ISF soldiers is a fairly standard laser pistol.

    Some soldiers elect to use a newer heavy pistol over the laser pistol. This is the Perforator Heavy Pistol, which fires high-energy plasma. It is a fair bit more powerful than the standard laser pistol, but due to its larger energy drain it requires easily-replaced power cells, essentially a reload, which comes after 12 shots.

    A new and more unique weapon is the Inferno Heavy Blaster. Similar in appearance to a flamethrower, though more high-tech in nature, the Inferno Heavy Blaster emits a special flammable gas, which is then ignited by a small energy discharge. This gives the appearance of a short range gout of flame bursting from the weapon. This flame is extremely hot and likely to burn through most anything short of metal. After all, it's not actually supposed to be an anti-vehicle weapon.

    The standard heavy weapon of the ISF is, oddly enough, not a rocket launcher capable of using Annihilator Rockets. This weapon is the Thousand Hells Variable Energy Cannon. The cannon is held in the same manner of your standard rocket launcher, using the shoulder to support it. The weapon has four set firing modes. These are the Lightning Blast, Pulse Blast, Tribunal Laser, and Repulsor Blast settings. The Lightning Blast setting fires a bolt of lightning at the target, fairly standard. The Pulse Blast setting is basically your standard pulse fire scaled up to a point matching the power of a rocket launcher. The Tribunal Laser is based on the Magtok-created Tribunal Laser Cannon, essentially a laser bazooka weapon. Finally, the Repulsor Blast is an experimental setting of a fairly unique nature. Instead of using repulsorlifts to propel vehicles as in Imperial hovertanks, the Repulsor Blast setting uses simple force as its means of destruction, firing a force blast at approximately the strength required to match the destructive power of a standard rocket blast, in a more localized area. This is a precision setting in that the force only hits a certain spot rather than the explosive power of a rocket.

    The standard ISF close-combat weapon is the Supercharger combat knife, also used by the Army. A device in the knife's hilt transfers electricity into the blade, electrocuting it and allowing for greater power. This feature can be turned on or off at will by the push of a button.

    The armor of ISF soldiers is somewhat lighter than that of standard Imperial Army soldiers. The helmets are replaced with more modern-day helmets, meaning that they are no longer fully head-concealing like the standard army helmets. The armor in general is geared for maximizing protection while minimizing impairment of mobility.

    For stealth-detection purposes, ISF squads can carry special stealth-detection visors, which come with an unattached powerpack that can be connected to them to transfer energy into the visors. The visors have infared and X-ray scanning abilities, along with the stealth-breaking capabilities of the K-Corp-provided See-All-Evil Stealth Detector.

    As another note, the ISF also employs standard Imperial riot squads.

    The first vehicle of note belonging to the ISF is the Warp-class landspeeder. It hovers above thr ground, with two engine-like structures on the sides of the landspeeder which account for its forward propulsion. The landspeeder is capable of achieving very high speeds, and has a single rapid-fire pulse laser turret mounted on the rear. This can potentially be switched out for another type of turret. The landspeeder has room for 7 people, including the driver. The remaining 6 seats are usually used to carry an ISF squad. The drivers' seat and canopy are similar to a car's, made of bulletproof glass. If the soldiers are particularly in need of extra firepower, the landspeeder is also similar to a convertible in that this glass canopy is retractable.

    The second ISF vehicle is an anti-riot APC, carrying a riot squad. The standard APC machine gun turret is replaced by one that fires sticky foam to incapacitate rioters.

    The ISF's main air vehicle is a rather odd one. Whisper engines like those found in gunships on the back, the ISF Deliverance Sky-Transport is a VTOL craft that carries a single ISF squad. The vehicle itself is oddly similar to a flying saucer, though it has a drop pod-for quick deployment of the ISF squad-mounted on the bottom of it, with the cockpit coming out of the front of the transport, which is likely defined only by this fact and the engines on the opposite end. Small wings on the sides and rear account for maneuvering, and the vehicle is armed with two rapid-fire pulse laser weapons mounted on the sides, able to adjust for anti-air or anti-ground duties.

    [Special Assets]

    Airborne Aircraft Carrier Sanctuary
    The airborne carrier Sanctuary's much simpler to describe than the Haven, since it's based on a preexisting craft. It looks rather like this, though it is not entirely the same as what its base is taken from, mostly in the area of armaments. It does not possess the same level of armaments as the Haven, lacking bomb bays entirely. It does, however, have numerous laser chaingun and laser cannon emplacements for defensive purposes.

    What the Sanctuary excels at, though, is obvious. It's an airborne aircraft carrier for crying out loud. It carries a large number of aircraft, likely inspired by the relative success of the Haven's deployment in the brief and bloody Acro-Felinian War, backed up by large numbers of aircraft, but with many of them wiped out or found to be damaged beyond repair upon returning. The Haven itself narrowly averted this fate as it returned to Inside. The Sanctuary is meant to eliminate that weakness.

    The Sanctuary carries unique aircraft, including:

    SF-01 Gatekeeper
    Continuing with the naming theme of the Haven and Sanctuary, the SF-01 Gatekeeper is a craft designed for air-to-air combat. The aircraft has powerful twin engines and much more traditional landing gear than your typical Acro-Imperial fighter, instead of the space heater-like landing repulsor unit. More distinctively, the craft possesses forward-swept wings. The SF-01 has two laser machine guns on the front, along with 8 rather small anti-air missiles in an internal bay. Four larger missiles are mounted on the craft's wings. The internal missiles are small and traditional, but the four larger ones explode into showers of plasma.

    SA-01 Apocalypse
    The SA-01 Apocalypse takes a much more ominous nickname than most Acro-Imperial craft thus far. While many might think it cliche'd, with all that's happened in Acro (or Town, if you prefer that) it is more than capable of striking fear into the hearts of many people. The SA-01 is a dedicated air-to-ground attacker, or bomber. Its design is even more on the traditional side than the SF-01. It possesses a single, large engine. Its wings are more standard than the SF-01's. All in all, it's a large, lumbering brute of a plane. In spite of its lack of fancifulness, the aircraft makes up for it in raw power. It mounts a laser chaingun on the front and carries 8 air-to-ground missiles in an internal bay, rather similar to the SF-01's AAs. It becomes a greater threat when you see the four larger anti-ground missiles mounted on its wings. They're quite similar to the SF-01's missiles, exploding into showers of plasma in addition to a conventional missile's effects. And, finally, the plane carries two Annihilator-based bombs, exploding in a similar manner to your standard Annihilator Rocket, in that the shrapnel it throws explodes.

    SF/A-01 Blackjack
    The SF/A-01 Blackjack doesn't carry any particular nickname pattern, though its nickname may be in reference to its role as a jack-of-all-trades compared to the SF-01 and SA-01. The craft is rather conventional, with traditional wings similar to the SA-01. It has dual engines and dual laser machine guns, more like the SF-01. The SF/A-01 carries a more balanced payload than the other two aircraft. It possesses 4 small air-to-air missiles and 4 small air-to-ground missiles in an internal bay, and has two of the larger, plasma-showering missiles, one on each wing. One is anti-air, and one is anti-ground. It possesses two conventional bombs, mounted on the wings alongside the larger missiles.

    SSF/A-01 Vengeance
    The SSF/A-01 is a new multirole stealth jet designed in the wake of two sieges on Inside, the first being the Acro-Felinian war and the second siege being staged by presently unknown forces believed to be linked to the destruction of the Haven. The SSF/A-01 was designed to eliminate mass casualties suffered by Sanctuary fighters in the second of the two sieges to enemy anti-aircraft fire. This craft is meant to be able to slip in, attack, and slip out without being fired upon once again.

    In appearance, it is a semi-futuristic jet aircraft with very odd wings. They appear similar to those of this aircraft at lower speeds. When it achieves a high enough speed, these wings 'fold' backwards, becoming more similar to this.

    The SSF/A-01 is armed with twin medium laser guns. These are essentially powerful armor-piercing laser guns with a slower rate of fire than your standard pulse lasers/laser machineguns. These are designed with surprise attacks in mind, for dealing maximum damage with less firing.

    The Vengeance lacks bombs, while it does carry missile weaponry in internal bays. It carries six general-purpose standard missiles, made more difficult to store due to being general-purpose rather than dedicated-purpose, which made more guidance systems necessary and made it more difficult to miniaturize them. In addition, there are four other more unique missiles in the Silencer's arsenal, named Driller missiles. They are essentially anti-armor missiles in that they have an Annihilator Rocket-like end, an explosive rod that is driven into its target on impact. However, unlike the Annihilators, they do not throw explosive shrapnel, instead releasing a small amount of extremely volatile gas into the air that ignites violently due to the, you know, explosion, essentially adding a smaller, but still significant, blast to the missile. The gas ignited is actually an altered version of that used in the ISF Inferno Heavy Blaster, only going beyond its power.

    Judging by the higher performance of Sanctuary-based craft to the normal air force, those pilots assigned to the Sanctuary are likely of the highest skill levels the Empire can field. The Sanctuary's comparative lack of armament compared to the Haven is easily compensated for by its aircraft and pilots.

    Cyborg Revenants (unofficial name)
    The cybernetic shock troopers of the Empire are shrouded in mystery, some believing them to be nothing more than a myth... But unfortunately, they are quite real.

    The following information is known, taken from their massacre of a revolt by resistance remnants upon the Empire's expansion:

    Identical-looking ones are few and far between, most of them looking far different from the one next to it. Yes, it. For these troops could hardly be called people anymore. Some have metal plates with black, empty photoreceptors in place of eyes on their faces-be it half the face or all of it, their mark as veterans of the battle against the Karish, their faces marred by the otherworldly beasts' acid attacks. Some have one or more limbs replaced by cybernetics, cold metal arms ending in clawed robotic hands, and the legs ending in metal boot-like shapes. All have jump packs on their backs, and move in an almost undead-like motion, albeit quicker. There doesn't seem to be any real life in the eyes of those who still have them.

    Those with cybernetic legs have been shown to have retractable spikes in the 'feet', and miniaturized pulse guns are concealed in the hands of those with cybernetic arms, deployable and undeployable at will. Those with both biological arms can carry standard Acro-Imperial equipment.

    They have been shown to simply walk through fire, indicating heat resistance, and shrug off gunfire with minimal bleeding.

    OOC Note-These will only be in Inside itself, normally.

    Imperial Navy:

    1 Blitz-class Amphibious Light Destroyer (Blitz)

    A unique type of naval craft filling in the role of destroyers. They actually hover over the water instead of floating in it like a boat. This grants them some degree of amphibious capability, but their hover units are specifically designed to hover over water, meaning that they suffer from extremely poor maneuverability when run aground.

    Their hovering nature also makes them faster than most naval craft.


    A pair of double pulse cannons, similar in function to the pulse rifle, only scaled up to around the point of modern-day six-inch guns. One on each end of the ship.

    3 general purpose missile launchers, with 15-missile magazines. Could potentially be loaded with Annihilators, which is why there are relatively few compared to a normal destroyer, from what I've heard of (from a mister Bushranger). Please correct this if it is inaccurate. In fact feel free to correct me on these in general, since I'm not really much of a navy expert. I'm also aware that those have very small magazines-see: Annihilators.

    4 anti-air laser chainguns, two on each end of the ship.

    They do not carry anti-sub weaponry due to their hovering nature, which makes them less vulnerable to submarines-or at least, those reliant on torpedoes.

    The Blitz class also carries radar equipment.

    Finally, the Blitz class has one helipad to accommodate a single helicopter or gunship.

    2 Prowler-class Frigates (Prowler, Seeker)

    This type is smaller than the Blitz class. The Prowler class is also much more straightforward than the Blitz-namely, it does not hover. It possesses a single dual pulse gun-much like those on the Blitz-mounted on the front side (I forget the naval term) of the ship, and a pair of general purpose missile launchers with 15-missile magazines. Again, small magazines to maintain relative balance due to the potential for Annihilators. There's also a pair of AA laser chainguns, one on each end of the ship.

    It also possesses four seeker-torpedo tubes, two on each side of the ship.

    The Prowler class also carries sonar and radar equipment.

    4 Assailant-class Corvettes (Assailant, Viper, Black Widow, Assassin)

    The Assailant class is smaller than the Prowler class, being at the bottom of the named conventional ship scale. It is armed with two single pulse guns-one on each end, predictably-and a seeker-torpedo tube on each side of the ship. It also has a single AA laser chaingun and a single general-purpose missile launcher-the same 15-missile magazine-d type as on the Blitz and Prowler. The Assailant-class also possesses sonar capabilities.

    Patrol Boats

    Not notable enough to have names or specific numbers (being even smaller than the Assailant), these are armed with a single pulse gun and a single seeker-torpedo tube. And sonar, obviously.

    4 Phantasm-class Submarines (Phantasm, Illusion, Hallucination, Fabrication)

    The Phantasm class submarine is armed with three seeker-torpedo tubes on each side and one on the front and rear of the ship. It possesses sonar capability, obviously.

    Also equipped with a cloaking device.

    Headquarters: The Imperial Army HQ and ISF HQ lie in Inside, along with the Acro-Imperial Government Complex (post is from when it initially popped up), which is slated to become more important in the near future.
    Current Territory: Inside (Capital), the Mountain Base, many villages and small towns Outside
    Bases: HQ (Inside), Old Base/ISF HQ (Inside), Mountain Base (located in/on a mountain in Outside, obviously), small garrisons in villages/small towns Outside as previously mentioned

    SPECIAL: ISF squads can be led by PCs if the PC in question joins their army. Highly encouraged by me! The player of a PC with a squad can control it, and decide what exactly they're carrying. ISF squads with PC leaders will have the leader in question attached to them, bringing their numbers up to 7.
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