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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Dr Molly

    Race: Issid

    Age: Not old; not young; doesn't matter.

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Class: Psychologist/Weapon Crafter

    Power Rating: 3-5

    Description: Nothing is kept hidden with the finely crafted frock. An assortment of patches are loosely sewn in to cover a thousand holes. The bottom is symmetrically jagged with jangle bells hanging from the peaks, which live along it's upper tibia. The pants, so loose and comfortable, are that of a Thai fisherman. Their garnet colour fills the mind with the flavour of a fine wine, aged perfectly. The aged earthy-coloured bucket boots below them cover just under the knee; with wooden soles. Buckling together, a long holly vest covers the body from a bit into the neck down to the outer thigh. Underneath that is a naturally coloured, and naturally covered, short kurta. To hide one's hands are very victorian, finely knitted fingerless gloves, which overlap half-fingered green gloves, which overlap fully fingered gloves of a purple colour.

    The neck, since I should mention this, is covered by a stocking of sorts. Only black can be seen with it, leading to the mask. The mask is a strange little thing--it's mouth can move with the jaw, as if it were part of the body itself; and the lips are sealed with a seemingly stretchy and thick thread. It's smile is wide, though only darkness shines through--no lips to be seen. The nose is long, and sharp. The chin smoothly covers under the jaw, and the rest of the face does this with their part as well. The eyes are shaded lenses like that of a gas mask. The centre of the lenses each have a yellow dot, as if to imply jaundice. Sometimes, you could think, it moves as a pupil would. The mask continues past the forehead with an attached wig of hair. Feathers would be said more accurate of a description--they are feathers that simulate hair. Black, silken, numerous, reaching down to the upper back. Atop them is a dark nappa leather hat looking like a cornucopia; it's short and curved back making it appear to be a simple cavalier's hat from the front, but possibly a witches hat from the side. The brim is wide and flat. Overall, the hat looks like it has taken a quiet beating, slightly cut and scratched as if it had been out in the traffic. A pretty scarf of red is wrapped thickly around the crown. It's knot on the rear guides the remaining fabric off the edge, reaching the neck.

    Since I've started on accessories, I may as well indulge you in the rest. Three belts at the waist, all ebony and leather. Each of them cross with each other at some point, though not at the buckle, which all three are aligned. A sword is carried, not by them, but a baldric made of MANY shoelaces. While the baldric lies on the outside of the coat, the belts are wrapped around the vest while hugging a golden sash and two pistols. On the right thumb is a ring carrying a crystallized fairy that no one believed existed.

    The walk is always strange yet slender--like a teetotaler whose reached step three in the arc of a drunkards progressive bridge: "A glass too many." One would assume then that the good Doctor was drunk, but no, no, no, no such thing! Truly the good Doctor only wishes you to believe that, or perhaps it's a birth defect. I couldn't say for certain. Then there's the gesticulating with every word; bending back, forward, side to side, and jumping up and down... Very flexible, you know.

    Equipment: Two percussion pistols, so designed, are inlayed with pewter bearing intricate patterns; art you've never seen. The grips each have two separate images engraved. On one, a woman lovingly holding her newborn child, then throwing it away in disgust. On the other gun, a child playing, then... an old man reflecting.

    Beside them is a thinly made cricket bat, or more accurately: a waster executioner's sword, sheathed by a shoelace baldric.

    Kept inside a coat pocket, or many pockets, is material for crafting tools of defence.

    Backstory: An evolving character idea born from the mind of a player. A real backstory may come one day when the idea has been fully grounded.


    - Issid is a made up race of my own making. Pronounced "is-ee-d".
    - The title is honorary, not accredited.
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