Ok, if anyone has read my topic beforehand they would know my situation, but I shall reiterate. I am starting a new campaign soon, and I am needing to become a controller of the battlefield but cannot focus on spells. Its a challenge of sorts, with a prize if I get it right.

I was thinking of a beastmaster with many felines, but the party did not like it. No real reason, two of them have a homicidal anger against cats. Now I am creating my poison ivy idea (a Druid or Plant Cleric who controls the field with limited spells and her plant posse) and I am in need of help with two major things: What are the best choices for plant allies? And Is their a good build for my idea? I looked at the Thrall of Zuggtomy, but It doesn't help much. Any other thoughts and help are welcome. anything is welcome for that matter.