Specifically spells, or any magic? A DFA can make a superb battlefield controller with Entangling Exhalation, Slow Breath, Exhaled Barrier, and so on. They also get a few good invocations to that effect, such as Darkness or Breath of the Night at low levels (don't underestimate imposing a miss chance on your enemies, since you don't take any miss chances with your breath weapon... just don't hit your allies) and Chilling Fog at higher levels. No spells are needed. Even if you don't accept the invocations (spell-like abilities, after all), the breath weapon and its attendant effects are pure (Su), no spells involved.

If you want no magic at all, I'd suggest a Crusader with crazy reach, Thicket of Blades, and all that good stuff. You can get (Ex) increased reach by lighting a few feats on fire (Aberration Blood -> Inhuman Reach; Willing Deformity -> Deformity (Tall)) plus a reach weapon or spiked chain, then you can use fightin'-man battlefield control techniques (Stand Still, Knockdown, Mage Slayer, etc.) after that. You won't be able to take all of the feats I mentioned, of course, but it's something to work for.