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Guh? How're all those infected level 14? I'd have pegged L4D as being within heroic tier. The protagonists are just regular people with guns and stamina.

But... I've never seen these 4e Infected. Sounds awesome though. You want them as undead or something else? I figured the things in L4D were more like 28 Days Later 'zombies' than actual zombies.
Yeah, 14's a bit high for them I think. I was planning on classifying them as undead, whether or not they are technically "zombies". The idea for this adventure came to me after reading about the AI for L4D, the "Director". I wondered what if the director was a real person, which lead me to thinking about evil wizards, and so now the party is in a maze infested by zombies of all sorts, and I thought I'd throw in some L4D zombies since that's where this idea came from in the first place.

Okay, so this isn't 4e compatible, BUT you asked for L4D infected, so I have to put a shameless plug for mine.

I've got them on my forums.

Admittedly, the setting is a little different, because the rules system is HP light, so it's actually a super heroes game, but the Infected are similar with only marginal fudges for rules.
The whole not-being-4e-compatible thing is something of an issue. Since it looks like I'll be homebrewing the infected myself, I may use some of your ideas for the special abilities of the different infected though.