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Thread: [3.5]Spell Turning: What Does It Do?

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    Spell Turning works on any spell that:
    1) Has a "Target:" line in its header block
    2) Does not have an "Area:" or "Effect:" line in its header block
    3) Has a range other than touch.

    Let's see, it works on Analyze Dweomer, Baleful Polymorph, Banishment, Binding, Blindness/Deafness, Cause Fear, Chain Lightning, Charm Monster, Charm Person, (Greater) Command, Confusion, Control Undead, the Mass Cure/Inflict line, Daze, Daze Monster, Deep Slumber, Demand, Destruction, Discern Lies, Discern Location, Dismissal, (Greater) Dispel Magic (targeted version), Dominate Monster, Dominate Person, Doom, and that's just through D in the Player's Handbook. The full list in core is a lot longer, and if you bring splatbooks into it the list balloons into many hundreds of spells.
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