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    Faction Profile: ACRO-Imperial Army
    3rd Light Division, 1rst Infantry Battalion
    The Hospitallers

    "Rock Steady"

    History: The unit that would become the Third ACRO-Imperial Light Infantry has been with Vyrn's forces for a long, long time. In fact, their history stretches back to the revolutionary mercenary army. That is when the unit earned their sobriquet of "The Hospitallers." The 3rd was one of the first units whose elements stormed the gang held hostage hospitals and cleared them out, and after the hospitals were secured, the 3rd dug in and kept them from enemy hands and preserved them from destruction.

    After the first war, the 3rd became part of the ISF and participated in operations throughout the city, seeing action during most notable incidents through the city's history. The division was pulled from front line service just prior to the announcement of the formation of the ACRO-Empire. Now fully reconstituted, the division hopes to be in the vanguard of Emperor Vryn's forces.

    : Standard for ACRO-Imperial troops, 3rd Infantry soldiers wear advanced futuristic body armor that protects them from most threat levels of harm. This suit has an integrated communicator, heads up display, respirator, environmental protection systems and Nuclear/Biological/Chemical weapons protection.

    The 3rd favors the MK II version of the pulse rifle:

    This weapon features excellent accuracy, an integrated digital sight and rangefinder, and good reliability. It fires a .22 caliber round sheathed in an energy pulse, which is highly effective against most conventional targets. Standard magazines hold 18 rounds, and the weapon typically fires a 3 round burst.

    Occasionally occurring amongst the 3rd is the GD-2 pulse carbine variant, a shortened weapon adapted from existing ballistic firearms. Featuring a 30 round magazine and full auto, it sacrifices accuracy and some reliability for rate of fire and increased firepower due to higher caliber base bullets.

    The rarest version of the basic pulse weaponry commonly wielded by 3rd Infantry is the Mk I pulse rifle:

    The Mk I combines the best features of the GD-2 and Mk II pulse weapons. With a high rate of fire, high fire power, good accuracy and reliability, the Mk I is commonly issued with a 50 round magazine and used as a squad support weapon.


    Division Commander
    Captain North

    1rst Section
    1rst Squad
    1rst Lieutenant Alan Kojack

    Commands a radio team and a LMG team equipped with Mk I's.

    2nd Squad
    1rst Lieutenant Viktor Schumann

    Commands two fireteams.

    2nd Section
    3rd Squad
    1rst Lieutenant Michael Perry

    Commands a fireteam and an LMG team.

    4th Squad
    2nd Lieutenant Mark Waters

    Commands two fireteams.

    3rd Section
    5th Squad
    2nd Lieutenant Jame Siles

    Commands a fireteam and an LMG team.

    6th Squad
    2nd Lieutenant Noah Carver

    Commands a fireteam and a grenadier team.

    4th Section
    7th Squad
    Second Lieutenant Paul Ferrel

    Commands a fireteam and an LMG team.

    8th Squad

    Sublieutenant Maxwell Baker

    Commands a fireteam and a heavy weapons team.

    5th Section
    9th Squad
    2nd Lieutenant Harold Bastian


    Commands a fireteam and a machinegun squad.

    10th Squad
    Sublieutenant Thomas Yarren

    Commands 2 fireteams.
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