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    The armor and rope seems like the only ones that would see actual play in the fighter class: the others would maybe be reserved for dips, or are just worthless.
    I have conflicting feels for how diping a class is. On one hand it shouldn't be 1-2 levels, on the other hand it's not very funny to need to take ten levels to start geting good stuff.

    And could you please point out wich abilities do you consider worthless and why?

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    Plus, some of your descine choices seem...questionable. Fighters are the best poison users now? Really?
    Well, somebody had to be. Poison isn't really a much viable tactic right now for anyone. And since I consider that fighters should be really good at using toys...

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    Plus, most of the Rope abilities are at least as magical as most of the stuff in the ToB: the only difference is that they're at will.
    They're still not really reality shattering. Unlike shuting down the sun, or just not dying, or healing from one's pure hatred of the world.

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    And I can't decide if they're as powerful as they seem, in which case they're broken badly.
    Again, please point out what exact points you think are worthless and wich are broken. I did the 1st post in around half an hour, and as I pointed out it's more of a brainstorming than anything final.

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    Really, the only thing I see this doing is making a fighter a 2 level dip, probably at 3rd and 6th level, so you get 4 fighter feats.
    A good point. I'll make a quick change about that, to force people to take at least 4 levels, and more levels for the stronger abilities.

    Done. At least 4 levels to start a chain, and can only advance it with the fighter bonus feats, meaning you need two more fighter levels for each new step.

    This would also mean one would need to take 14 fighter levels to get the full rope chain, the one you considered strongest.
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