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    We're da best. Think diffrent do ya? Come and have a go then, ya runty little wimp!
    Name: Dezmond Da'Gurg Magtha
    Race: Space Ork
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: Chaotic/Neutral Evil
    Class (Or approximation): Orkish Warlord
    Power Rating: 5 or 6

    Equipment and Abilities:
    Big, twin-linked Shoota, which, in essence, is a large LMG, wielded in one hand by the warlord.
    That giant metal claw.
    Oh, also a motorcycle.

    Abilities include impressive strength and resilience, Dakka ability and driving really fast. He also is impressive in melee combat, and is more intelligent than other Orks.

    Theme Song: Take a listen!
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