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The rope one is like a ranged lock-down combo. Don't know if it's good or not.
Think of it this way:

Caster defenders are always claiming "ROFL I cast fly+wind wall and auto-win against any noncaster!" or "ROFL I teleport away with cheesy spells and interpretations!". Ditto for flying monsters.

And they're kinda right. It's hard to lock down someone in place when they have much superior mobility than you.

So, I could either make the fighter fly, an idea wich I really don't like, or I could explore the fantasy trope of chaining distant oponents to force them to engage you.

This way when the wizard flies up and starts laughing and slinging spells, the fighter can throw his trusty rope and bring him down to earth!

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The item creator one looks more like something to fit a PrC than a feat chain.
People are always saying fighters are over dependant of items and don't have class features of their own. So I combined the two and made now the fighter using and abusing items is a class feature of his own.