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    Faction Profile: Kyorl'Zuraj Empire

    The Kyorl'zuraj Empire is commanded following a strictly tiered chain of command. From the lowest Hive Kings and Queens to the High Senate, the Harbingers and finally the Great Old One himself.
    • Hive King/Queen: A Hive King or Queen is the ruler of a hive settled on a conquered world.
    • Star Lord: The Star Lord is a Hive King or Queen who represents his peers of the same star system before the Imperial Senate. Star Lords have little in the ways of effective powers above a King or Queen.
    • Imperial Senate: The Imperial Senate is a colective of innumerable elders (really innumerable, kyorl'zuraj are immortal) of great wisdom, intellect and experience. The Senate commands the expansion of the empire and directs the race by the will of their undivine lords.
    • Four Harbingers: Harbinger Epoch, Harbinger Maxinus, Harbinger Fimbul and Harbinger Cormag. These four entities act both as political and militar lords to a vast number of kyorl'zuraj worlds. Harbingers act directly under the will of the Great Old One and may command entire worlds under this undivine authority.
    • The Great Old One: Draken Frosthand is the only remaining kyorl'zuraj from the Age before the Gods. This Elder Evil governs the kyorl'zuraj race omnipotently from a world located at the darkest ends of the material universe, deeply entrenched in space utterly overtaken by the species. His will is absolute.

    General Information:
    The Kyorl'Zuraj are expansionistic creatures driven by absolute hatred for all Godspawned Races (if you are not an aberration odds are you are a godspawned race). The kyorl'zuraj assault word with simple intents, erradicate the ecossystem, substituting by their own, and enslave and herd sentients. The kyorl'zuraj go as far as murdering the deities of the conquered world.


    • Kyorl'zuraj: These insectile aberrations are the undisputed rulers of the empire. Their basic shape is mostly humanoid, a torso, two arms, two legs and a head. They have a chitinous outer skeleton but also an internal osseous structure in their heads and bodies (skull, ribcage and spine only). Individuals with this basic form only are extremely rare, as the kyorl'zuraj are individualy capable of directing their genetic structure towards a vast number and variety of mutations. Kyorl'zuraj never die of old age.
    • Karish: The karish are the servants of the kyorl'zuraj. These creatures serve every imaginable purpose for them, mounts, soldiers, cattle, anything. Karish mature fast and reproduce even faster.
    • Constructs: The kyor'zuraj are an ancient species with great magical and technological prowess, and like to blend much of those. Their constructs vary greatly in form and function, and a few even house the sentience of severely injured kyorl'zurraj who will to take on such a form instead of having their bodies regenerated.
    • Star Spawned Behemoths: A Star Spawned Behemoth is a colossal space parasite that infects entire planets. These entities are bred and controled by the kyorl'zuraj as ultimate terraformation tools and sources of numerous useful resources. They are capable of existing in a symbiotic way with the kyorl'zuraj and karish, but their presence is usualy nocive to all other creatures. A slang name for these beings is "Old Gods".
    • Undead: Kyorl'zuraj never make undead of their own species, and most hives never develop interest in these beings. Usualy, only the most spiteful of their kind make use of these creatures. Undead are always the bodies and souls of those who were eradicated by the kyorl'zuraj, enslaved for eternity. They are treated as dirt, considered only slightly better than their living counterparts.
    • Godspawn: Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, Dragons. When these creatures are found in a kyorl'zuraj world, they are mistreated prisoners laboring endlessly until they die of old age, disease or a number of other factors. Others yet are used like cattle by the aberrations, treated much like they themselves would have treated cows and other animals. Godspawn do not live long in a kyorl'zuraj world.

    Technology: Kyorl'zuraj Technology blends with magic, and in fact most of it is powered by the same ambient energy (mana) that powers arcane magic.


    Category: Magitech object.
    A manacore is a sphere that draws mana from the surroundings to power the object that holds the core. Manacores are also used to house the spirits of kyorl'zuraj who decide to take construct bodies in place of their organic forms. Manacores exist in five categories, all manacores are capable of housing artificial intelligences.
    • Class A - Around the size of soccer ball. Class A manacores are used to power magitech constructs. These are also the cores that usualy house kyorl'zuraj spirits.
    • Class B - These manacores are large, around four feet in diameter, and used to power vehicles and war machines.
    • Class C - A class C manacore is 6 feet wide. It is used to power large complexes of vehicles, such as larger starships.
    • Class D - Class D manacores power the smallest manaforges or the largest spacecrafts.
    • Class F - These gigantic objects are usualy fifteen feet in diameter and are always set to forge setting. They power the largest manaforges, and sometimes are used in groups to power truly massive structures and even entire planets.

    Manacores have two settings. Basic and Forge. The Basic setting draws a vast amount of energy, but still a manageable amount that naturaly dissipates if not harnessed. The forge setting is dangerous and drains an extreme amount of ambient mana, creating the equivalent of a dead magic zone. The energy of the forge setting, if not properly harvested, quickly leads to catasthrophic meltdown, causing the core to violently explode, obliterating extremely wide areas.


    Category: Structure.

    A manaforge is a titanic hovering structure of the kyorl'zuraj. Manaforges resemble flying pyramids and serve as motherships and also to provide energy to the conquest effort on a world. Manaforges exist in a variety of sizes, but even the smallest ones are truly massive structures the size of several blocks, capable of housing large cargo ships and even a single Star Spawned Behemoth. The largest ones might be the size of entire cities.


    Power Level: 5 to 6.

    Heralds are not soldiers per se. A Herald is the leader of an invasion force on a particular world. Invariably, Heralds are experienced, cunning and ruthless commanders.

    Power Level: 4 to 5.

    An Overseer is a subcommander tasked with the control and direction of a Karish Hive. Overseers control groups of karish personaly, and direct the entirety of the hive through the Hive Queen. Their personal talents vary, but most often they are potent spellcasters or mutators.

    Karish form the bulk of any kyorl'zuraj invasion force. See specific post for further Karish info.
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