Name: Harold Thurston
Alignment: CE leaning CN
Race: Human
Power Rating:
Close combat: 8
Defense-wise: Depends.
Equipment and Abilities/Description: An extreme specialist in close combat, he puts even the best of duelists to shame. A scarily accurate knowledge of pressure points, human anatomy, fighting styles, weaponry, and martial arts allows him to quickly disable and kill most enemies in almost all situations. He has a faint magical aura surrounding him, invisible to the human eyes, and weak magic detectors, from which he can pull a seemingly endless amount of daggers, all of which are made from a special magical metal, which can slice through almost anything. His cane appears to be simply a normal cane, and close optical inspection will reveal nothing more. However, if one were to fiddle with the knob on the top, they would notice that it depresses and rotates, sending a sharp metal point sticking out the other end, made of the same metal as the knives. In a well hidden holster in his jacket he carries a semi-automatic pistol.

He wears a stylish suit and fedora combo, none of it special in any way. He recently bought several personal shield generators from Erin, one of which he carries in his pocket, activated by thought. It reputedly blocks all attacks, be they magical, energy-based, or physical. He bought this because he was recently put in charge of a squad of six soldiers from the Acro-Imperial Army.

His physical appearance would best be described as slim. Not skinny, as with skinny comes unevenness, bumps and pits. No, he's a very smooth individual indeed.

Miscellaneous: He prefers not to engage in physical combat, instead using his intelligence and charisma to get him what he wants, or out of what he doesn't want. His entire wish in life is to have as much fun as possible, often in destructive, violent ways.


Harold's Squad

Harold commands a squad of six soldiers, most of which I imagine as having an Irish accent, 'cause it helps me remember their personality. Here are the one's I've bothered to give a name.


Private First Class

McCullin is a shy, modest demolitions expert. He carries the rocket launcher for the squad, and is generally considered very good with it. Many rumours abound about his prowess with it. He also carries a pulse rifle and stun baton.

Stuart Jenkins

Jenkins is a boastful soldier, known well throughout the city's taverns and bars, he's easily embarrassed when his faults are brought up, and is usually quick to justify. He carries a grappling hook, as well as the standard pulse rifle/baton combo.

Sandra Hart

Sandra is a fierce soldier, quick to defend herself, and with a short fuse and hot temper. She is, however, very intelligent, which was why she was promoted to a corporal in the first place. She carries the standard issue pulse rifle and stun baton.


Frank Hanson
Age: Mid thirties
Alignment: CG
Race: Human
Class: Golem-Crafter
Equipment/Abilities/Description: He wears a shirt and trousers, with a jacket of many pockets lying on top of the shirt. In these pockets he keeps many a strange trinket or raw material, an odd lump of wood here, a strange metallic frog there, all of them doubtless important materials for his craft. He seems a bit distant, and usually has a bemused smile on his face. His companion, Meeblo, sleeps in a big pocket near his right shoulder, coming out when he awakens. He'll occasionally have a couple other golems with him, or some half finished golem resting on his knee, his fingers and words shaping it into some foreign shape.


Name: Meeblo
Age: Approximately 17
Alignment: CN
Race: Construct (Golem)
Equipment/Abilities/Description: Meeblo stands at a tiny 5 inches high, seemingly made out of a bright shiny white material. The properly equipped will see that it appears to be made out of magic solidified. Meeblo is a rather generic shape for a golem, and it was the first golem Frank made, although his body has been replaced with different materials and designs numerous times. His current body gives him nigh invulnerability to all forms of magical attack, and fairly impervious to physical ones as well.It can jump up to six feet, and is as strong as you'd expect golems to be. He's fiercely defensive of Frank, and will defend him viciously. The rest of the time he's quite curious.