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    Claude "Bloody Damned" Derleth

    Gender: Male

    Race: [Impronounceable]

    Age: 48

    Alignment: Neutral Good

    Class (or approximation): High Plains Drifter

    Power Rating: 4-5

    [Avatar upcoming]
    Claude Derleth's a gunslinger and wanderer from way out west in some other reality. Garbed in a dark brown, knee-length, faded duster, with a wide-brimmed hat atop his head, he's the very image of the western gunslinger, the lone gunman and quiet drifter, except for one very important detail: He has a SQUID-FACE. There's no chiseled chin, scruffy beard, or rough frown on his face, just the pale gray-green visage of Cthulhu under that hat. It might be a little unsettling to some, to say the least.

    Equipment and Abilities: A quick trigger-finger, sharp wit, a reliable pair of Cighulu & Sh'ggoth revolvers at his hip, and a Alhaz Rifle along his back keep Claude safe most of the time. For those other times, a slimy fist to some troublesome jaw usually works. And when that fails, there's Ol' Witless, Claude's trusty steed, whose name is entirely accurate and well-deserved.

    "They said no man in his right mind should ever move out towards Saxet if he knows what's good for him. Nothing but sand, bandits, 'n death lay out there. Said no man 'cepting Bleeding Russell ever came back from there, and Russ still had the eternally flowing wounds to prove it.

    Well I figured that went double for a mollusk like m'self, given the heat and all. Even so, there were debts to pay. And given that these debts would take centuries to pay off and those bank fellows were damned persistent sons a cuttlefish, where else to go but Saxet? So off I rode, hoping none would be fool enough to try to go followin'.

    Things're a bit hazy after that. I have this thing for attracting trouble, y'see, but I also got the trigger finger to get me outta most of it. A few bandits died, some sheriffs were mighty grateful, and few folks reckoned I'd done something at some point worth a lot of free complimentary alcohol. All in all, things were pretty swell. Wasn't long though, 'fore they invented this 'tab' thing, though. Basically meant they thought all the drinking made me forget 'bout the 'free' part of the deal, and they figured I'd be fool enough to work the 'debts' off. When it came time for me to be gettin' the hell outta there, they also figured their hoss's could keep up with Ol' Witless. I tell you, that steed may look like an idiot, act like an idiot, and may just in fact be, an idiot, but he's a right speed demon once you got him started.

    I may've gotten outta there, but as it turns out, most small towns down in Saxet run pretty much the same way. Same 'town hero', 'free whiskey', and the 'Lynch im for not payin' his debts' thing happened again an' again, till one day, me an' Witless, we're hiding on caboose a' this train. And see, this sorceress, she says 'Quick! Into this portal, sonny. You done a fine thing for our town and my boys, I greatly 'ppreciate it, and I ain't gonna let 'em hang you for some ol' whiskey debts.'

    I tell you, I thought she was trying to help me. And maybe she thought it, too. But this here Acro? Craziest sunuvamollusk place I ever been, and I've been a lotta places. Damn magic lady, I was better off'n with the lynch mob."

    Miscellaneous: Claude's a heavy drinker, and doesn't much care for fiscal responsibilities.
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