Ba'al, The Lord of Destruction

Gender: Variable, although he seems to prefer being male.

Race: Somewhere in the "god", however he can appear as whatever he wishes to be.

Age: Very, very old. Tens of thousands of years, probably. You'll have to ask him yourself to get an exact answer.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil. He was sort of neutral in the past, but he got bored and decided going on rampages was more fun.

Class (Or approximation): Destruction

Power Rating:
Based on the fact that he could, at any time, end everything, it's pretty damn high. Too high for the chart, really. However his obsession with turning everything into a challenge means that it can be considered as scaling. He likes fair fights, there's no fun in a fight if the other guy doesn't stand a chance

Description: Well...that's a little tricky since he's so varied in appearance. However, his most common form is that of a grey humanoid, with short white hair and a pair of pitch black glasses over his eyes. In fact, regardless of form his hair is always white and the glasses are always there over his eyes. The general shinyness of armour means that his usual outfit consists of metallic red plate armour, looking more like something a heroic knight would wear, than that of a mad creature that draws pleasure from tearing things apart. His only other common outfit consists of black shoes, dark trousers, a white shirt, black tie and white jacket. He generally refers to it as his "I don't feel like blowing stuff up right now" outfit.

Equipment: He has a museum filled with some of the most destructive weapons and creatures ever encountered, and a fair few that have never been seen before, and yet all he ever carries around is enough money for a substantial amount of alcohol and his blood red sword with the image of a bleeding skull on its blade. See, using those insanely powerful weapons just wouldn't be fun, especially as he can channel his abilities through the sword, which is a handy way of limiting himself against weaker foes, since doing so then means he has to actually get close to them to hurt them.

Ba'al has led an interesting life to say the least. His origins are unknown to him, all he remembers is waking up with an unbearable desire to destroy, and for thousands of years he acted thoughtlessly, following his desires, tearing apart worlds, galaxies, tthe odd universe even...

However at some point he began to develop a personality. Perhaps his brief, but frequent encounters with the many civilisations he destroyed along his way started to have an effect on him. He stopped treating his purpose as a simple command to be followed, but rather, a sort of hobby. He started taking time off to enjoy the worlds he passed, usually for a day or two before he'd grow bored and blow it up.

Greater forces than he were at work though, and eventually it was demmed neccessary to end his actions. Killing him, however, was considered too dangerous to permit as he'd certainly unleash the very worst of his powers in his dying moments. So, he was imprisoned, helpless.

Helpless, that is, until someone within the Nexus found out about his existence and researched him thoroughly. They made a deal with him and released him in exchange for immortality, or so they thought. The deal backfired on them, Ba'al was free, and the first thing he did was to hit the local pub and get a drink.

That's when he discovered where he was. The Nexus, arguably the one place large enough, and weird enough to keep Ba'al amused for centuries. He stayed for a while before eventually leaving to go and blow stuff up elsewhere.

Since then he has resurfaced several times, always drawn back to this one place fascinating enough to him that he has no desire to destroy it...well, he may tear up a few buildings and break a few NPCs but never anything serious.

And now, he's returned again, but this time he seems more destructive, somehow. His actions are less carefree, not as relaxed as before. This time he might actually do some serious damage.

Miscellaneous: Ba'al was in fact, created as a force of balance (hard to believe, but true!) by greater powers who had become convinced that creation, if left unchecked, could eventually lead to chaos and the end of everything. An apocalypse of sorts. Ba'al was brought into existence to help limit the rate at which things are created, and he's been doing a fairly decent job, though he's completely unaware of it.