Felix Loran

Gender: Male

Race: Just a regular human

Age: 70, but as fit as if he were 50 (except for that damn knee!)

Alignment: Neutral Good

Class: Necromancer

Power Rating: 4 with bone armour, 3 without. His old man-ness makes him a bit of a pushover despite being unrivalled in his field of necromancy.

Description: Standing at only 5'6" he's a fairly short old man with a smile on his face and a thick white beard. Amazingly he still has a fair amount of grey hair, although his relatively large forehead suggests that the hair has been in slow retreat for a while. He wears a simple black outfit with a suit of bone armour over the top. He even possesses a bone helmet, crafted out of the skulls of a family of unfortunate tigers he once encountered who had sadly been killed by a disease of some form. He treats the helmet with particular respect, in memory of the poor animals...

Equipment: A bag of miscellaneous bones each containing several spells within, sort of like scrolls, but with an unknown number of uses for each spell, and they can be recharged if a spell is ever used up. His suit of bone armour, covered with markings and enchantments that essentially make it about as strong as plate armour, possibly slightly stronger. The enchantments on the bone armour also grant him some limited protection against magic. Felix possesses no weapons, but is often accompanied by several skeletons, each with a power rating of 1. Not very strong, but en masse they can be dangerous.

He also usually has some form of golem accompanying him as well, though never more than one at a time. The range of golems he could have is practically limitless as he possesses the ability to turn pretty much any material into a golem, as long as he concentrates on it. This is, however, quite taxing, and a suitably large distraction will result in him losing the golem. Knocking him out also works, of course. The golem, however, depending on type is usually in the 3-4 category in terms of power rating.

Except for the bone golem. That's a definite 5...mainly because of the power Felix has with bones.

Oh, and he has that copper skull thing that allows him to summon skeletons more easily and he can zap lightning about between them, or something like that.

Felix is something of a rarity among necromancers. Not only is he a nice chap, but he hates graverobbing, killing people for bones, anything like that. Rather, he only ever uses bones he finds, say, from dead animals where he might take a single bone after burying the creature. He treats his bones with respect, as if they were from the animals themselves, and can remember where he obtained every one over the years.

It should be no surprise to hear then, that shortly after he started down the path of necromancy, his teachers threw him out in disgust and as a result he had to teach himself most of what he knows. His particular interest in bones soon resulted in him researching deeper into that field of necromancy than anyone else, and over the course of decades he became a master in the subject.

However, at the same time his experimenting, self-teaching and general fascination with bones threw up something else of interest; the bone golem. This led him down the path of golem crafting, where he learned how to shape any material into a golem through magic and sheer force of will.

Sadly, he has devoted much of his life to studying and expanding his knowledge and has never really had the time to settle down and start a family, or even really get to know people well.

In fact, it was a failed experiment involving the bones of an extinct creature, a cleric, and a druid that resulted in him coming to town! The spectacular failure resulted in a huge burst of wild magic being unleashed that sent him spinning through time and space along with his skeletons. He ended up in Trog's...

Of course, being in the town means he can no longer devote his life to studying and he might actually socialise a bit now.