Orakq'pyuon the Life Stealer
Species: Mothman
Gender: asexual
Power level: 5
Alignment: Neutral Evil (to non-mothmen) Lawful Neutral (On Mothman worlds)
Appearance: Two massive, red eyes dominate the "head" which is almost dome shaped, and barely differentiates itself from the torso. It is covered with thin black fur, and has six limbs, four boney, three-fingered hands, and two semi-human legs. Massive wings emerge from the back, being slightly larger than the 8' tall creature
Description: Hailing from a Mothman frontier world on the edges of the Veil, Orakq'pyuon is a hunter, who favors hunting dangerous and savage animals, including humans and other "lesser" intelligent races. Orakq'pyuon doesn't enjoy the limits of its civilization, so it generally tries to stay out of the Veil as long as possible, bringing trophies back to its home when it has too. Communicates through psi conics, speaks poetically.