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    Nimai, Golden Child
    Magical Princess Kirana

    Gender: Female
    Race: Solar Half-Caste (Human)
    Age: 11 (9 in Exalted years)
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Class: Magical Girl
    Power Rating: 4 (Essence 3)

    Backstory: Nimai was born in the midst of the Time of Tumult to Surely-Refulgent Anshu, a Zenith-caste Solar, and Cerise of the Rose's Thorn, a No Moon Lunar. Prior to her birth, her parents' circle had seized the Sword of Creation and used it to expel the Second Balorian Crusade and threaten the Realm and the Immaculate Order into submission, and although she never doubted that both her parents loved her, her father's responsibilities meant that she saw much less of him than her mother. Hearing tales of his heroism (and his regard for others who were heroic), she ran away to do some heroing, and somehow ended up in the Nexus.
    Catchphrases and Attack Names:
    • I am the champion of beauty and justice, the light that burns away the darkness! I am Magical Princess Kirana, and in the name of the Sun, I will punish you!
    • Sun Sceptre Attack
    • Sun Sceptre Beam
    • Sun Sceptre Blade
    • Sun Power Escalation

    Theme Song: Moonlight Densetsu
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