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    Elizabeth Ml'Ruse

    Gender: Female
    Race: Demihuman (Catgirl)
    Age: 29
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Class (or approximation): Assassin
    Power Rating (optional): 5
    Description: She is an ordinary human and is slender and graceful, with a, soft, aestethically pleasing look to her body. She has overly-large sapphire eyes speckled with icy white with the pupils slitted vertically, like a cats, that are just above a little button nose, and a upturned pair of thin lips. Her frosted silver hair falls messily down to about her midback, with only her slanted cat ears breaking through, but in front a bang separates her hair away from her face, just above the eyes. A cat's tail breaks out from her tailbone, and is grey furred with a little white tip. She has a few tattoo's, one of which is a black heart ringed in thorns on the back of her right shoulder, and another is a stylized band about her right thigh.


    Equipment and Abilities: She isn't much more amazing than the average human, well if you base the average human off a heavily trained soldier that used to be an olympic gymnast. Really, she's ordinary. Her equipment, is anything but. From personal short-range teleporters, to monoedge knives, she's armed from head to toe, submachineguns, rifles, no weapon is outside her expertise. Aside from what she carries, there's also dermal plates of kevlar, and the outside of her thighs has been hollowed to the bone, the thick muscle replaced with fibrecord and actuators, to make room for smaller weapons, knives and handguns, to be stealthily concealed.

    Backstory: She grew up in the jungles of South America, being rather odd even in that exotic, alien world of things unseen by humankind. For years she lived there a predator in her own right, only having known her parents for a few brief years before maturing enough to hunt for herself. Years passed, humanity encroached on the ancient ruins that were her home, so she joined civilization. It took a few years for her to learn to cover her ears, and enough of the language to get by, but as she grew, she kept them covered, and began into her adult life by slipping in with a troup of visiting Army Cadets from the USA, and continuing her life with the Army.

    As an operative, she qualified for Marine training and the like, but her natural flexibility and lone wolf personality sent her out by herself into the field, even when deployed with a squad. She later was injured, tearing her leg tendons apart when AK-47 rounds shot her though, a lone fighter having been waiting around the corner for her.

    Her life was over a that point, and depression hit hard, she spent time anywhere and everywhere, until one night, her bandana fell away, and rumors spread quickly of the strange woman, and she vied to hide from the public, and took an ad for "Medical Experimentation" it was shifty, but she had nothing else. It was the strange, mad, genius that rebuilt her legs, and slid the thin sheets of armour under her skin, that she worked for from then on, feeling animalistic bonds to the savior of her life, not in the literal sense, but the depression was gone. She went as a guard, an assassin, as any sort of work Magtok needed done, she did, and did well.

    Miscellaneous: She's a homicidal catgirl. Mah.
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