Faction Profile: The Purple Earldom

Leadership & Rulers
The Earl, a Purple Great Wyrm-type dragon, is in charge & rules with an iron claw. He fights with magic, breathe weapons, claws, teeth, wings & tail.
Under him are Malice, in charge of the armed forces, is the Earl's winged half-human son; he fights with either 3 longswords (one is self-wielding) or an automatic pistol. There's also Defenestrate, the Earl's other son, he lacks wings & is in charge of all the scientists & techies at the base.

Under Malice and Defenestrate are varying ranks of kobolds, based mainly on the British Army.

Located Outside, the Earl's Lair is a hollowed-out mountain surrounded by spoil heaps and hills, each has also been hollowed out as satalite fortresses, often topped with medieval-like castles. The fortresses and main mountain are defended by anti-aircraft guns and bunkers, as well as guard towers, foxholes and barbed wire fencing, as well as three moats. There's two ways into the main fortress, and they are a large hanger entrance used by the Earl, the ornithopters, the airship and Malice. The other entrance is a small door in the mountain, winding through the bunkers, each of which have a clear line of fire to the road, with 4 gateposts defended by kobold mooks, and bridges over the moats. There's also a secret escape tunnel leading to a nearby forest.

Kobold mooks armed universally with shotguns and with varying close-combat weapons. There's also 100 lizardfolk, the personal guards of the Earl, Malice and Defenestrate. As well as this, there are several Achaierai, The vehicles include:
  • 20 Wyvern-class Ornithoptors, each painted with scales and eyes and a toothy maw, armed with a flamethrower and rocket pods.
  • 150 Heavy Motorbikes, armed with side-mounted chainguns.
  • 150 Sidecars, with a swivel seat and swivel-mounted grenade launcher.
  • 20 Dragonwrought-class Light Mecha, with short-ranged jump jets, armed with rocket pods, a cannon, and a flamethrower. Cannon is mounted in the right arm, flame-thrower in the left, and rocket pods are a slim design, 3 columns by 2 rows, retractable and mounted on the shoulders.
  • 15 Cobra-class Tanks, armed with a cannon and a swivel-mounted machine gun. They are fast and powerful, but lightly armored. Requires a crew of four: A driver, a commander/spotter, a machine-gunner, and a gunner.
  • 1 Modified Command Airship, armed with chaingun and flamethrower turrets, and a bomb bay. Painted to resemble Kirov Airships. Minimum crew of 3, 6 to man all turrets, 3 for the bomb bay.
  • Ammo, including bullets, shells, grenades, flamethrower fuel, rockets and bombs.