Name: Anyndel "Scarface" Plaquefell (Plak-Fell)
Race: Human
Age: 22
Alignment: True Nuetral
Class: Assassin
Power Rating: 7
Description: Plaquefell is a caucasian man with a scar on his face (kind of obvious, but, hence: Scarface). He always dresses in black, and always keeps a bandana over his mouth and nose, but usually does not have anything cover his messy, black hair.
Equipment: items described above, but armor is leather and magic. Magic dagger, longsword, and long bow. Several poison types, if 3E still goes by "types".
Backstory: Plaquefell started out his career as a simple assassin. Eventually, he was recruited by a ninja sensei of his home city. The day the sensei died, Plaquefell was no longer protected by other recruits of his sensei, in fact, they made assassination attempts on his life. He soon left after that, searching for a new employer in need of his skills...