It is a little known fact that 4e has circle magic. No, I'm not talking about ritual assistants who use the Aid Another action to improve tje ritual caster's skill check, even though that is thematically a type of circle magic. I'm talking about the rules for circle magic in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting.

I'm AFB right now, but I can honestly say that circle magic sucks. The circle members are much better off casting their spells individually.

Anyway, this idea came to me in the Wheel of Time thread, which has been pushed past the first page. I proposed a homebrew mechanic for linking (basically circle magic in WoT) which captured the merits and flaws of linking in WoT. I figured that this can easily be ported into other settings since it is a very simple system.

1. Spellcasters, defined as any member of a nonmartial class, can link to form circles to improve the potency of the leader's magic at the expense of sacrificing the other members' actions.

2. Linking is a free action that can be done by two or more spellcasters adjacent to each other. The entire circle acts at the lowest initiative count among members. Only the leader can use any powers, and the other circle members cannot take standard actions. The leader can transfer control as a standard action.

*Haven't decided whether a circle would break if the members are no longer adjacent to each other.

3. When a circle is formed, the strongest spellcaster often becomes the leader. Each circle member beyond the leader grants a +1 attack bonus and a +2 damage bonus per tier to the leader's powers. Thus, a paragon circle member would grant the leader a +2 attack bonus and a +4 damage bonus.

4. Each member of the circle uses the leader's defenses against attacks.

This is all I've figured out so far. What do you think?