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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Marin Ixchel

    Gender: Female
    Race: Catgirl
    Age: 27
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Class (or approximation): Rogue

    Description: Marin appears mostly human, would appear completely human if not for her cat ears and tail. She has an unusual shade of purple hair, and Olive-colored eyes, her pupils have vertical slits.
    Her ears are tawny, and appear more like a lynx's ears than a housecat's ears. Her tail is the same tawny color.

    She's currently wearing a deep blue blouse, and grey pants (a size or two too large for her...), borrowed from her friend, Elly.

    She also has a tarnished metal collar around her neck, which reads "Marin Ixchel If found, please contact" with a scratched-out name. She also has bells attatched to her ankles, the bells are a recent addition. Neither of these can be taken off easily. The collar can only be taken off by decapitation...
    The collar, through a fingertip-sized indent in it, creates a magic collar that makes Marin do the will of whoever's holding the other end. It also makes her practically direct-magic-proof. She can't be directly affected by magic, psionics, etc, but, say, a bowling ball blowing up in her hands still works.

    Equipment and Abilities: She doesn't have much. But she has stolen a locket from a wizard, and has yet to open it yet.
    She's pretty fit, can pick locks, sneak around, and so on.
    She also has a leg holster, and a large pistol (from HellBoy),
    and a rife,
    and a dagger.

    She also has bouts of extreme luck, followed by extremely unlucky bouts.

    Backstory: She was born in the savannas of Africa, captured as a freak, then rescued by a criminal. The criminal was on the run, and he also needed an apprentice, who took her to the Australian outback, a huge wasteland. After the aged criminal retired and died, she took over, becoming a thief, stealing from the rich, arrogant, and so on. She traveled the world, and she donated all of her stealings to poor families, orphanages, the hungry and sick...until she was out of stuff to give, then she stole again, a viscious cycle of stealing-and-giving everything away.

    Later, she met Elizabeth, a white-haired catgirl ex-marine with a damaged leg. They met when Marin tried to swipe Elizabeth's money, and was caught red-handed. They kept in contact for a while. Eventually, as all things do, change happened. Later, Marin, completely out of money, saw an orphanage who had to raise money or be torn down and built into a mall. She got a job to steal turns out she had to steal from a wizard. She barely got out, was on the run, and ended up eventually in the midst of Reinholdt's catgirl war. She got captured, and was forced to be the wizard's slave, until she escaped.
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