Don Jacques de Aragon
Gender: Male
Age: 54
Race: Human
Alginment: Chaotic Neutral
Class: Knight
An aging man with messy black hair, and a thick black beard that looks like something on a vagrant. His eyes are a blue, and he is 5'6 feet tall. He wears a suit of armor that is dull and old, with an equally old helmat. Wields a bastard sword and a dented shield. His crest is a red cross. He rides and old grey mare.
An aging merchant of the middle class, he was generally well off, and was happily married, and had one son. When the village he lived in was destroyed by the catpeople, leaving his wife dead, he became insane, believed himself a Knight who eliminates evil everywhere, and now procedes to slaughter all those he views evil. His son Jeremiah constantly follows him, trying to reason him back to sanity, but alas to no avail.