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    Default Re: The Age of the Warriors - a ToB expansion book idea

    Post reserved for discipline list

    here I'm going to list all the disciplines that I am aware of. It will be a growing list and if anyone sees one that I missed (which will be very likely) please let me know and I'll add it to the list


    Gentle Breeze - Closet Skeleton
    the Placid Lake Discipline
    Far Realm - Jack Mann
    Ninefold Damnation - PairO' Dice
    Infinite Torment: - PairO' Dice
    Ocean Tempest: - PairO' Dice

    Lesser Discipline By I_got_this_name
    Falling Wave
    Glacial Chill
    Leaping Gale
    Rending Scream
    Silver Pegasus
    True Arrow
    Viper Fang

    Black Rain - Demented One
    Coin's Edge - Demented One
    Dread Crown - Demented One
    Golden Saint - Demented One
    Scarlet Bravura - Demented One
    Falling Anvil - DracoDei
    Chthonic Serpent - DragoonWraith
    Falling Star - Fax
    Kaleidoscopic Dream - Demeont One
    Fool's Grip - Demented One
    Way of the Gear - Imp_Fireball
    Solaris Arcanum - Golden-Esque
    Scarlet Rose - Nero24200
    Black Lotus - Zakaroth
    Broken Blade - JoshuaZ
    Narrow Bridge - JoshuaZ
    [http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showt...112720]Untamed Essencep[/url] - Vox Clamantis
    Holy Word Discipline - Fax Celestis
    Ocean Soul - Fax Celestis
    The Discipline of the Lost Lyrics - Kellus
    Frozen Zephyr/Acidic Fog/Shocking Sky disciplines - Krimm Blackleaf (Desert Wind Variant)
    Army of One - The demented one
    Dancing Leaf - The demented one
    Oncoming Storm - The demented one
    Sleeping Goddess - The demented one
    Twin Spirit - demented one
    black heron - errantx
    Quicksilver Aegis - Krimm
    Witch Razor - pyrefiend


    Incarnate Knight - vasharanpaladin
    Heartshaper and the Bladed Thoughts Discipline -
    Guardian of the Frozen Grotto and the Placid Lake Discipline -
    Moonflame Adept -
    Kazarzeth - Errantx
    Ecclesiastic Knight - Errantx
    The Master of One - Errantx
    True Master of Nine - DracoDei
    Bladesinger Redux - Errantx
    Shadow Knight - Duke Malagigi
    Suel Arcanamach = errantx
    Another Master of One - PairO'Dice
    Blade Operant - Demented One
    Braveheart Bravo - Demented One
    Dreaming Lotus Assassin - Demented One
    Ebon Raven General - Demented One
    Enlightened Budoka - Demented One
    Errant Blademaster - Demented One
    Leviathan-Born - Demented One
    Madspawn Broodling - Demented One
    Nightmare Reaver - Demented One
    Oracle Knight - Demented One
    Savage Savant - Demented One
    Silent Demon = Demented One
    Spellfire Banisher - Demented One
    Sublime Warrior - Demented One
    Thousand-Arrow Archer - Demented One
    Whirlwind Heir - Demented One

    The following are by Krimm
    Aberrant Armorlord
    Al-shra'a Al-mharb
    Angel of Death
    Blade Incarnate
    Blade Maiden
    Blood Sage
    Combat Artisan
    Concealed Celestial
    Crusader of Death
    Demonspawn Harbinger
    Doom Lord
    Draconic Partisan
    Eaglewing Striker
    Ebon Phoenix Mage
    Eldritch Blademaster
    Eldritch Knight (Redux)
    Harmonic Lance Adept
    Hollowed Soul
    Holy Deathless One
    Huixxa Vo Nyarlathotep
    Iron Slasher
    Ironsword Speaker
    Masked Demon
    Occult Adversary
    Prestige Paladin (Redux)
    Prodigal Overlord
    Sacred Fist (Redux)
    Saurian Brute
    Shrouded Ambusher
    Soul Eater (Redux)
    Soulfire Invoker
    Spirit Archer
    Spirit Craftsman
    Spirit Lords (Champion, Skirmisher and Spellmaster)
    Sword of Levakross
    Unmasked Fiend
    Unseelie Knight
    Unveiled Dragon
    Warforged Armorlord
    Warped Angel
    Weretouched Master (Redux)
    Zealot of Salamander
    Holy Knight - DragoonWraith

    Base Class

    Blademaster - T.G. Oskar
    Martial Warrior - Imp-Fireball
    Soul Disciple - Demented One
    Warlord - Demented One
    Warrior-Poet - Demented One
    Firedancer - Tatsel Ganav
    Warmage - Golden-Esque
    Martial Soul - PairO'Dice
    Sohei Adept - Shyftir

    Alternate AFC b T.G. Oskar
    monk of the sublime way - pax chi
    Martial Adept Fighter - dangerprawn
    Crusader, Swordsage, Warblade, Epic progression - Krimm
    ToB Core Class Update. - Fax_Celestis
    Alternate Stance Progression Table

    Warheart Weapons: Sublime counterparts to magic weapons.

    Basatan's Arm - Krimm

    Demented One
    Aay-y'y: Chaotic warriors of amazing power and skill who roam Limbo.
    Grave Trooper: Undead soldiers who know how to fight.
    Jiang Shi: Kung fu vampires, basically.
    Martial Automaton: Programmable martial constructs.
    Varkigon (scroll down a bit)
    Dorokusai - Saintheart
    Cold Iron Dragon -

    The following are by Krimm
    Epic Martial Adept Feats
    More Epic Martial Adept Feats
    Martial Multiclass Feats
    9 Epic Martial Discipline Feats
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