Wren Innaria

Gender: Female
Race: Possessed Human
Age: 31
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Class : Priestess
Power Rating : 8
Description: She's unusually pale, even for a northland human, as if having spent far too long in dark places, and this ivory white skin is matched contrastingly against her raven black hair. She has a small, understated face, much the same as the rest of her body is too small for it's age, and molten gold coloured eyes, and an abnormally large pupil, leaving only the smallest whites. She is more slender than lithe, a thinness brought on by genetics, not exercise. All along her little body though, are black tattoos of arcane shapes and spirals, the ink seeming to actually sink into some nihilistic other realm.

Backstory: She was once a librarian, of sorts, in the depths of an old temple in the north of REALM, when The Seven saw thier chance. She was in one of the forbidden areas in the darkest catacombs, having found a beautiful old fountain, still bubbling away with pristine mountain waters. They caught her, though she never really had a chance to flee, then the waters of that fountain changed to braken, and brushed with blood. Possesion by The Seven. It was a hard life, for even though they escaped thier immediate prison, she had old magics transferred onto her, trapping her from leaving the Walls of REALM, and sealing the Seven within her.

The first thing they did was grow through her, which is now the spiralling tattoos on her skin, and they argue over her form most often, aside from plotting one another's downfall, and thier eventual escape from REALM. To begin with, Lust, Envy and Pride all wanted her to be beautiful, voluptuous even. Wrath and Greed couldn't care either way, Gluttony wanted her to be able to consume as much as possible, and Sloth wasn't available for comment. It's often possible to tell which is in the foremost control, aside from Wren herself, simply by her actions, wether vying for attention, gold, men, food, or getting into fights. Sloth, normally spends his time relaxing, or wasting other people's time with the least amount of effort he can put in.

Miscellaneous: Ohmigawd, she'll eat your face. ...not really.