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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Draken Malice

    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: 27
    Alignment: True Neutral (Two things influence his alignment, his need for power, evil, and his need for love, good, currently power is winning so he's closer to neutral evil.)
    Class: Death Night (it may not be a DnD class but that's what he is)
    Power Level 4

    A large man fills the entryway. He is heavily armored and holds a naked sword in his hand. He stands a full head over a tall man and is as broad as two. Covering every inch of his body from the neck down is a grisly suit of plate mail. It is made up of dark metal plates that are blacker than the soul of a demon, and bleached white bone, some which look eerily human. His bare weapon could not help but catch the eye of any warriors in the room. At first it appears to be a crude sword constructed of bone, but upon further inspection it becomes apparent that although it is made of bone, it is anything but crude. The sword is easily a foot wide and four long, although it is pitted and scared the cutting edge is razor sharp. Twin sheaths cross across his back, one empty and one containing the twin of the blade in his hand. It is obvious that this man is a death night. Despite his profession he is a strikingly handsome man. His hair is raven black and pulled back into a pony tail. His eyes are bottomless pools of darkness that seem to suck in all who gaze into them. (section from first post)
    Equipment: He has two long, broad, bone swords, anti rust sheaths, death knight armor, several knives, and his wine skin filled with Balfegor's Best.
    Miscellaneous: Accompanied by two skeletons in armor that conceals their identity.

    Currently in a different plane of existence for an unspecified amount of time.
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