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    Fredrick Al Gorn
    Name: Fredrick Albertan Gorn. F.Al Gorn for short. Falgorn for shorter.
    Race: Dunno. Whatever it is, it isn't a hobgoblin.
    Age: Twenty or Thirty something.
    Alignment: Neutral Evil/Chaotic Neutral/Lawful Evil
    Class: Assassin/Mad Scientist/Card-Carrying Villain

    That, at all times. Any one of those.
    But in case the image breaks...
    Falgorn's a tall, orange-skinned individual with broad shoulders and muscles. He looks a lot like a hobgoblin, thus reducing any chances for attractiveness. He sometimes has wings, when he wants to. Which isn't a lot, coincidentally.
    Well, anything you would expect from an assassin, mad scientist and card carrying villain, put together. Minus magic.
    Oh, he can teleport.
    Miscellaneous: Schizophrenic.
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