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Looks fun! Right off the bat, the only question I can think of is: What needs voting on?
Well, there's the matter of whether you want me to do the (entirely optional) tutorial missions, which involve ferrying a friendly old spacer named Barry around the place while he gives you tips. I'm also open to suggestions for names of the starting shuttle, although I will be ditching it fairly early on account of it not being a very good ship.
The matter of faction storyline is going to be the biggest decision that we'll make, although it probably won't come into play for a fair few updates as most of them require you to have a fairly decent combat rating. You can get into the Vell-os or Polaris storylines earlier in the game (hell, it's possible to do so almost immediately, if you get lucky) but doing so shuts-out a lot of the optional missions so I'm probably going to leave them for a while. I'll give more information on the factions if and when it presents itself during the game, but if you've got any questions feel free to ask.


While I think the first EV was better, they're all great games, that I absolutely adored as a child. Honestly, I think they would have been really famous if they hadn't been mac only at a time when macs were virtually unheard of among gamers.

Good to see them getting a mention.
I'm inclined to agree, if I hadn't grown-up in a Mac household I doubt I'd have ever encountered Nova at all.
I haven't played the first two, there are offical Total Conversion mods for Nova that let you play them using the Nova engine, so I'll give those a run through at some point.