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    A Heart of Gold

    Gender: Neutral, but with a female voice.

    Alignment: Ask it, if you want your ear talked off about the complexities of morality, then stabbed.

    Class: Dunno about this one. I'd say...Sorcerer.

    Age: 14 or 15 in human time

    Race: Artifact

    Power Rating: 4

    "...Inanimate objects can't talk or relentlessly stalk you or stab you. That's preposterous..."

    What is seen is by no means a Heart of Gold. It's not a golden, floating symbol of love.

    But it is a heart. Not in the love-y dove-y sense, either. It's a floating, bloody, disembodied, still-beating organ. That floats! The creepiest part is it's about 5 times bigger than the average heart.


    A fork, to poke you with, a knife, to stab you with and a chainsaw, to rend you with.


    Minor reality warping abilities, which includes flight (obviously) and gravity control, so she can utilize her weaponry.

    Theme Song: Bodies
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