Name: Noah, no last name.
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: None.
Alignment: True Neutral
Affiliation: None
Age: 18
Power Level: 2
Default Appearance: Medium Height, sandy brown hair, green eyes. Lightly tanned skin, not very muscular at all. The appearance of a regular scholar, mostly.
Special Abilities: None, other than a large knowledge of science, history, mathematics, and culture.
Weapon of Choice: None.
Weaknesses: Cooking, cleaning, singing.
Background: Noah, no last name, is a Scholar, and is quite knowledgeable about most sciences. However, being completely focused in what science can prove, Noah disbelieves the existence of Magic, gods, or Supernatural beings of any kind. This is further fueled by his ability to not be present when magic occurs, or to turn away at the exact moment, or even thoroughly explain how this occurred with human tricks. Because of Schrodinger's Cat Theory, this would mean reality around him is altered so that indeed, Magic does not exist as far as he is concerned.