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    Name: It isn't a sound, no. Something else. Something deeper. Something that echoes in the mind. That reverberates through the soul. She is life incarnate. Fertility given form. Birth given substance. Growth infused with spirit. The magic of imagination. The hope of transformation. The endless, boundless dreams of possibility. Evolution without limitation. Beyond impossible. And yet so very real. More real than all else.

    A thing of wild open spaces. Forests and fields and mountains and the unbridled, untamed sky. A dream forgotten upon waking, dancing at the edge of memory.

    A dream that walks the waking world.

    But Flats have trouble pronouncing that. So she usually translates it 'Dynamism' or Dyna for short.
    Gender: Usually a female persona
    Race: Celestial Eldritch Abomination
    Alignment: 404 Error: Alignment not found
    Power Rating: 3 minimum, scales based on her foe
    Affiliation: Wut?
    Age: Less than a week. Or aeons. Hard to tell.
    Appearance: A young human woman with sorta-pointy fae ears. Her hair is purple of all colors and seems to be oddly thick. Most of the time it's bound into one or more pony-tails by a rather sizable golden-yellow ribbon. Yellow eyes, but unremarkable otherwise. And her middle brown skin is etched with electric blue lines that don't seem to like staying in the same place.

    Often clad in a rather odd gray and purple tunic and short breaches with a number of baubles hung here and there. She's slightly tall for a female human, though not unusually so. There an odd sense of joyfulness and energy that electrifies the very air around her, an infectious sense of enthusiasm for life. She also has a rather peculiar air of realness about her. Hyper-realness. Her colors too vibrant, her voice too clear.

    That's when she's human.

    When she isn't things change considerably. Her whole body is a dark charcoal gray and etched with electric blue lines that shimmer with opalescent radiance. Feet and legs like a hind, hands and arms deceptively human. Two great feathered wings of scarlet and purple stretch up from her back, full of eyes and around and within. A mass of writhing, deep purple tentacles serve as hair that she usually binds into the best pony-tail she can manage. Golden reptillian eyes and finally a snout that looks equal parts reptilian and beak-like. Her build is decidedly humanoid and obviously feminine with another eye about where her naval should be. A long, muscular tentacle-like tail twitches behind her, eyes running all down its length.
    Special Abilities: Life-Shaping, Somebody Else's Problem Field, Array Casting
    Combat Proficiencies: Talented with hand to hand combat and her wing-blade. Yes, in human shape she uses a sword fashioned from one of her wings. And don't let her scribe arrays.
    Common Knowledge: Dyna's a Warden, specially trained to fight 'unnatural' creatures. Unnatural in this case includes undead, eldritch otherworldly creatures, and material things spawned or tainted by eldritch otherworldly creatures. Her signs and seals functions against such creatures. Likewise, her weapons are more potent.
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