Name: Raril Xar'Cha (DeLoran)
Gender: Male
Race: Drow Elf/werewolf
Age: 137
Alginment: Chaotic Evil, sliding towards Neutral.
Class: Bard/Rogue/Assassin
Speech Color: Blue
Description: Raril is 5 feet 6 inches tall. His eyes are a deep red in color, as it typical of his race. His hair is white and wavey, and has grown well past his shoulders. Typically he wears the top part braided back on both sides and tied off in the back, letting the rest hang loose. His skin is a very dark, inky blue color, unlike the jet black usually seen on drow. His build is thin, but muscular. He has a few scars, although most are too small to notice, thanks to access to magical healing. Of note are some larger ones. A deep purple burn mark in the shape of a spider sits on his temple just above his right ear. A pale scar sits over his heart, a straight line only a few inches long, a stab wound that had been almost certainly fatal. On the inside of his right forearm, a tribal-like design has been etched onto his skin, that of a dragon.

Typically, Raril wears high black boots, black pants, and a deep blue shirt with long, somewhat puffy sleeves. Although the color and style of his clothes may change, there is a nearly everpresent constant: his wide-brimmed hat with the large blue plume. It make him look a little like a musketeer. On his left wrist, he wears a gold bangle set with sapphires. Fir him, it is the equivalent of a wedding ring.

Equipment: Twin short swords, stolen from a dragon's horde, magically encrusted with ice. A rapier, with silver filigree around the handle and a deep purple crystal at the pommel. It is constantly coated in thin black film of knockout poison. These weapons hand off a belt studded in silver. The belt gives any weapon weilded by the drow the properties of silver, for use against the undead and the like. Also, if hostile undead come near, a bright burst of daylight will eminate from it. On both forearms, Raril wears a set of silver bracers, giving him a bit of magical protection. Tucked inside each he keeps a dagger and a set of thieves' tools. He also keeps a few daggers hidden in his belt, along with a few thin, black wands. One of teleportation, one of dimension door, and the last, dimensional lock. In his left boot, he keeps a very loud-mouthed dagger whish absolutely hates undead. It radiates positive energy and can cast minor healing spells. It also allows the drow to make devastating attacks on vital points that undead usually aren't susceptable to. He usually carries a very well crafted crossbow across his back, its sights allow him to make shots at long distances. He also carries a bag of holding, made in messenger bag style. In one of its pockets are the quarrels used by the crossbow. Many of these are coated in a thick, black substance, which is highly pressure sensetive. On contact, the bolts explode into a massive fireball.

Backstory: I'm going to try and make this as brief as I can.
Raril was born in the Underdark city of Menzoberranzan, to House Xabaresh Chaeron. Though born later down the line, he rose to become the eldest son. He flunked out of Sorcere, the wizarding school, and fled into the city to hide from his mother's wrath, only returning to his family after helping the house survive an attack and assisting his eldest sister, Danube, to murder their mother and replace her as Matron. He served his House loyally, from then on, not being given much choice thanks to a nasty curse placed on him by his sisters. See spider shaped scar above. This curse doomed his soul to Lolth and the Demonweb Pits, regardless of any redemption he might seek. Only death would free him from the constant pain of having his soul pinned to the Pits.

Roughly 20yrs or so ago, he was sent to the surface in search of another of his sisters, Hirriel. Raril found that up here, away from the influence of his sisters and the Underdark, the pain from the curse was lessened. So he never looked very hard for his sister, and remained on the surface. He made friends, and even found love. Unfortunately, just before he was to be married, House Xar'Cha made their move, invading the surface world and the island Raril now called home.

Raril played to both sides of the invasion, slipping information to his family and his newfound friends. Truely, he hoped the drow could be driven back, but his curse, and his desire to live longer, kept him from openly defying them. He was, however, able to convice his brother, Sszinyon, to help him. So when the defense of the island ultimately failed, a few of his friends were kept relatively safe, and were eventually able to escape the Underdark.

After that, Raril spent quite a bit of time wandering the world. In one of his more recent adventures, he ended up challenging a lord to a duel and won an entire kingdom in the process. This is the desert land of Loran, from which he claims the title Lord DeLoran. Political pressure, and his natural restlessness, soon had Raril on the road again. He left Loran to be run by a council of the nobles of the kingdom, so things remained fairly stable there, and continued his wandering. The next place of note where he found himself was the Nexus itself.

Here, Raril got into all sorts of shenanigans. A mindflayer put a genetically engineered fiend inside his head as a part of an experiment. The fiend, Lillith, later recieved a body of her own and he now considers her like a sister. A real sister, not like his drow siblings. Speaking of who, they later sent his brother, Sszinyon, up after Raril in an attempt to get his help in finding an artifact and establishing a foothold in the Nexus. This plan ultimately failed, crushed by the valiant citizens of the Nexus. Raril also fell in with the local thieves' guild, becoming second in command, and helped in their defense against a Royal Navy invasion. Said Navy kidnapped his, at the time, girlfriend, Lori. He managed to rescue her, though, without betraying his allegience to the guild. After the invasion was thwarted, Raril was told by his superior to leave the guild in order to have a happy life with Lori.

Sadly, Raril was unwilling to commit himself fully, afraid his own curse might effect her soul were they ever to be joined. This opinion changed a bit after she was kidnapped by demons, and he went to rescue her, only to have Lori die in his arms. Raril then went on a quest through the planes of death to retrieve her soul and bring her back to life. He proposed to her then and there and they were happy for a little while. Unfortunately, while she had been dead, Raril had sought solace in the arms of another woman. He saw it as a simple distraction from the pain, but Lori, of course, didn't see it that way.

Eventually Raril was able to convince her that he truely did love her, just in time for his brother to make a reappearance. Sszinyon poisons his brother and kidnaps them both. Lori trades herself to Sszinyon, in exchange for Raril's life. Raril gets dumped randomly back in town and rushes back to rescue Lori, but arrives too late to save her from his brother's wicked ways. Raril is also re-captured by Sszinyon and sacraficed to Lolth, dying and being sent to the Demonweb Pits. As a small consolation, his brother followed him shortly afterwards.

Lost in the abyss, Raril did manage to free himself from the curse that held him trapped there. Lori studied hard to become a priestess of Lolth and managed to ressurect him. Raril was glad to be alive, but instinctively fell into a subserviant role, having suffered too long from the indotrination of the Drow priestesses in his younger days. He awoke one morning to find Lori gone without a trace. He fears the Spider Queen had finally done her in, and still cannot bring himself to speak her name, devastated by the loss.

More recently, he has found friendship and love again, thanks largely to Zee/Avatar. After a somewhat awkward friendship and later courtship, Zee asked him to marry her, after she dragged him back from the dead (again) after he had been killed and his brother stolen a part of his soul. Raril and Zee got married on the spot, and are still together today.

Raril's most recent troubles involve being sold to Calubi...however that's spelled by Magtok for use as a lackey. The drow didn't take too well to this and ended up leaving after disobeying orders, getting into a fight with Cal and eventually blasting the lich to pieces. (He got better, unfortunately) Cal still tortures him from time to time, specifically having blasted his personality into four seperate pieces, which has caused Raril to do some things he normally wouldn't, and by using the nymph form of Irene and a whole lot of spells to forcibly seduce the drow. He still has nightmares about it, and was cursed never to forget. (Cal's mean)

Most recently, he's gone on the expedition to help do away with Cal for good, and is trying to get his mind pieced back together before he becomes a father.
Okay, I failed. Information isnide is neither complete nor complete coherent as it's now almost 7am and I've been writing all night.