Name: Bruce
Gender: Make
Race: Giant
Age: 29
Alignment: Chaotic Good (Yes, another one, I know. Just bare with me.)
Class: Fighter-y Heavy Weapons Thingy
Description: Bruce stands at a mighty 12 feet tall, his face rough and unshaven, with a friendly smile always adorning his face. He wears a brown sleeveless jacket over a white shirt, usually covered in dirt and sometimes, alarmingly, blood. His pants are also brown, made of the same thick tough material as his jacket, designed to protect him from too much injury. His arms, legs, and chest are very well muscled.

Attached to what surely must be specially made holsters at each side of his waist hang what appear to be two... Miniguns? They have an odd design, the barrels extended slightly from the normal minigun, and a highly elongated ammo space. Across his back, attached via a leather strap, is what appears to be two cannons welded together with a hand-grip attached to the back end of the cannons and something that looks suspiciously like a pump action on the same side as the handle. adorning the front side of the strap, as well as his belt, are several undersized chainsaws.

Equipment: Two of the aforementioned Miniguns, which I will go into more detail about here. Their barrels appear to have only three rifling grooves on the inside, an oddity that might be explained when you look inside the ammo compartment. What you would see in there appears to be a single... harpoon? Yes, definately a harpoon, it's triangular head having three points near the back that look suspiciously like they'd fit into the rifling grooves in the barrels. It seems odd that only one harpoon would be there, but there's a significant magical presense surrounding it that, if one could sense it, seems to be saying that if you'd just get on with firing the thing, it would get on with duplicating itself for each of the barrels. There are lightening and recoil-reducing charms on the guns, which, Bruce will proudly boast, work in anti-magic fields.

The cannons on his back, if one were bold enough to open it up, would reveal several kilograms of, well, buckshot, just scaled up a fair bit, each ball being the size of your fist. The pump action seems to load another shell into each of the barrels, which fire simultaneously. The same infinite ammo, lightening, and recoil-reducing charms are present here, with the last two significantly stronger.

The chainsaws on his waist appear to be quite standard, the only magic present in them is that when hurled through the air they turn themselves on, and that they're just about the right size to fit in one of Bruce's hands easily.

Bruce does indeed have more weapons, but these are the only ones he keeps on him. Somehow I think they'll be enough.


Name: Kev
Gender: Male
Age: Fully Grown Adult. Whatever age that is for a...
Race: Giant Lion
Alignment: N/A
Class: RAWR! Lion!
Description: Kev is a very, very big lion. He's got armour covering his chest, back, head and legs, made out of normal steel, but with the same lightening charms as are on Bruce's guns. His teeth and claws are wickedly sharp, and his mane is quite beautiful. He serves as Bruce's steed and companion.

Equipment/Abilities: Aside from the aforementioned armour, Kev has no equipment. He can jump pretty high for a lion of his height, which ends up meaning he can jump very high.