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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    John Soulfire

    Gender : Male
    Race : Human
    Age : 23
    Alignment : Chaotic Good
    Class : Enchanted Rockerbard
    Description : Tallish, tan skin, chin-length black hair, gold eyes, small goatee, wears black clothes usually, and spiked combat boots over black jeans.
    Equipment and Abilities : Electric Guitar with a flaming finish that has multiple powers, and a microphone built into the top. also two daggers in sheaths at his belt, with the belt buckle a figure made out of steel that looks like a shield.
    Backstory : John grew up surrounded by music. His parents were world-famous guitar players and his older brother a member of the opera. As he got older, he decided he wanted to be a rockstar with a lifestyle on the road. He learned from his parents how to play, and his brother taught him how to unlock the louder sounds in his voice. He decided to learn how to make the instruments as well, a guitar, a microphone, and a tamberine, and did a little tinkering to combine them, for a more versatile piece of equipment. When his sponsors stole his songs, gave them to another band, and tried to kill him, John went on the road, and never turned back.
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