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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Name: Androthelia Maxorium
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human/Stitched
    Age: 35
    Alignment: Neutral-ish.
    Class (or approximation): Necromancer-surgeon
    Power Rating (optional): 5
    Description: Wearing a long brown robe, most of his visible skin is covered with stiches or staples. His left hand has three thumbs and six fingers, his right has two thumbs and eight fingers. His left arm is two centimetres shorter than his right, and he limps because his left leg is nearly four centimetres longer than his right leg. His face would be attractive, although the stitches surrounding it detract from that, as does the difference in skin tone between his ears; likewise, his eyes are different colours, but he often changes eyes and scalps, so eye colour and hair length and shade vary. All in all, it is possible that he could be mistaken for either an undead monster or a flesh golem.
    Equipment: Tool box with a red cross on the side which is larger inside than out filled with many limbs and jars of organs, a role of surgical tools heavy on the bone-saws and scalpels, brown robes and a loincloth.
    Abilities: He can repair himself or others with his magic and surgical skills, but that's pretty much it. He can also temporarily animate parts of corpses or whole corpses, but only before the process of decomposition has begun.
    Backstory: In his early twenties, he started meddling with surgery by day and necromancy by night. At the age of twenty five, he was in a serious accident and he was forced to rebuild his body from scratch; powering the replacement limbs and organs with necromancy. He never officially died, however.
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