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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Zamira Blessed-Fox

    Gender: Female
    Race: Human (Lunar Exalted)
    Age: 18 (14 in Exalted years)
    Class (or approximation): No Moon Lunar Exalted
    As image, but with several differences. Firstly, her hair, fox ears and tail are all white at the ends. Secondly, she has silver tattoos running all over her body, in a pattern (now shown, but not the exact pattern).
    Equipment and Abilities: As a Lunar Exalted, Zamira has the ability to change her form, with the addendum that this cannot be prevented by magic or anything like that. I don't care how Epic it is, it will not work.

    Second, she is able to manipulate her Essence in a number of ways, including mentally influencing people, some supernatural martial arts, and low-level (for Exalted) sorcery.
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