Michicora Yuran

Gender: Female

Race: Moon Elf

Age: Unknown

Appearance: Michicora is a young looking elven woman with dark purple-ish skin and long black hair that is stripped and rather dirty.

She is of medium height with an average build, but with well-toned muscles and almost unnatural smooth skin.

Her face is very expressive with long dark eyebrows, a slightly pointed nose and well-defined lips.

Equipment: Michicora is always dressed in her battle gear, a brown leather jerkin with various necessaries such as gloves, shoulder pads, greaves and leggings, all in the color of brown.

Abilities: Michicora have been granted various powers from her god Kuori. She have almost endless stamina, she can run and fight forever as long as she meditates once a week for about two hours.

Michicora can also heal her wounds without leaving any scars much faster then anyone else, she is very fast and strong with the ability to move without making any sound or leaving any smell.

She can also at least partly resist poisons, diseases and various magical effects including physical damage.