I tend to agree that that seems a little ridiculous.

Also, I think this is impossible to enter. Is it even possible to choose only maneuvers from one discipline by level 9 or later? Let's see.

Crusaders at 9th level get two maneuvers from each of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th levels, plus one from 5th. OK, this is possible with every discipline they have access to, whoo. Rough, though; you're taking pretty much every maneuver the discipline has available.

A 9th level Swordsage has four 1st level maneuvers, and 3 of each of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, plus one of the 5th. But only Desert Wind and Shadow Hand have more than 2 maneuvers of 2nd level, and Shadow Hand only has 2 non-stance maneuvers of 1st level.

If you took away an extra 2nd maneuver instead of 1st, you have 5/2/3/3/1 - great, but no discipline has five non-stance maneuvers at 1st level (actually, Desert Wind is the only one to have five maneuvers, including stances, period, at that level).

So a Swordsage could be a Master of Desert Wind, but nothing else, as there simply aren't maneuvers to take. Whoo. A Swordsage/Bloodclaw Master could maybe pull off Master of Tiger Claw?

Warblade, I imagine, has the easiest time. At 9th, they have one maneuver from 1st and 5th, and two from 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. OK, they can also do it with every discipline.

So, alright, Crusaders and Warblades can do this, with difficulty. Outside of Desert Wind, though, Swordsages can't. I think that requirement needs reworking.