Tomris NafisimGender: Female
Race: Human
Age: early 20s

Appearance: She has long, brown wavy hair, and emerald green eyes.
She wears a dress, goes barefoot, and has beads and feathers in her hair.

Tomris looks like she came out from a forest.

I should probably describe her better.

Equipment: Unknown as of yet

Abilities: Tomris Nafisim has some nature-like abilities like a druid or a ranger, and has some slight necrotic abilities.

Personality: She's kinda nice, aloof. She loves nature, and she counts undead as part of the natural life cycle.

Backstory: Will insert later.

Maya the Nurse
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: ~25

Appearance: Maya's a nurse trainee, she's either wearing pink nurse scrubs or a strapless black dress.

Abilities: She can do regular nurse-like duties.

Backstory: Broke up with her boyfriend (who she was living with) when, on a date, he asked her if she wanted to be the "Best Man" at his wedding with another girl he has been seeing. That insensitive jerk.

She also wanted to be a doctor when growing up, but her ex-boyfriend convinced her to become a nurse instead. So she dropped out of medical school and finished up at nursing school.