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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Fenris Gazul

    Gender: Male
    Race: Human Psyker
    Age: 30
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Class (or approximation): Imperial Guardsman, Battle-Medic
    Power Rating: 3, with occasional 6

    Looks: Wears a full Flak Jacket (that's armor), gray and black. He carries around a Lasgun on his back, a large bag on his shoulder, a long battle knife, and a medic kit. Otherwise, he's very average, with brown hair and eyes.


    Lost in the multiverse of ACRONYM after being stuck in the Warp for what seemed like an eternity (which messed up his mind quite a bit), Fenris found himself in a new, strange place.

    Searching for a way back to the 40K setting, Fenris travels ACRONYM, making friends and enemies, and basically just trying to survive.

    Under stress, Fenris loses himself in his past, and mistakes wherever he is for a battlefield against Chaos.
    Occasionally, his Warp power would take over him, and he'll be able to set aflame anything he can see. Usually, he would faint after some time, instantly, if he went overboard with his power.
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