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    Fell free to use any of these. Giving me credit is nice, but not mandatory. (Note: This isn't actually everything I've posted, but I don't feel like digging it all up.)
    Drolyt's Homebrew Project:
    Drolyt's Homebrew Project 1: The Sorcerer (3.5) (PEACH)
    Drolyt's Homebrew Project II (Dual-Classing 3.5, PEACH)
    Drolyt Homebrew Project 3: Skill Condensation 3.5(PEACH)
    Vow of Poverty Fix
    New 3.5 Variant
    Abandoned Material (might be interesting, but not fit for use):
    Alignment System (Abandoned)
    Fighter Fix (Abandoned)
    True Necromancer Redux
    Doctor Who Themed Material:
    New Spell (3.5) The End of Time
    Time Lord (D&D 3.5 Monster) (Doctor Who Inspired Thread)
    Other Stuff:
    Martial Study Variant
    Boss Monster Templates
    Scion Of Hell
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