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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Gender: Androgynous (female personality)
    Race: Heavenly Chorister (fallen)
    Age: 5,000
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Class (or approximation): Sneaky type
    Power Rating or, an Alternate System (optional): 3, or D
    Description: A small, androgynous child appearing about 8 or 9. Although, children don't have white, swan like wings or pearlescent eyes. Nephrim can take the appearance of a normal child of either gender at will, however; although the child always wears the same white robes. Nephrim commonly takes a girl's form wearing a denim dress.
    Equipment: None, beyond the robes. Now a pistol, ammunition, a denim dress, a teddy bear, a selection of large black gemstones (onyx and obsidian), a rucksack, a very potent potion of dispelling.
    Abilities: Flight, shape change, voice of temptation, aura of menace, immune to electricity and poison, vulnerable to silver.
    Backstory: One of the heavenly choir who was converted by a demon lord before the demons were cast out of heaven. Beforehand, spent 1,000 years of nearly non-stop singing; got bored and easily corrupted by promises of power and no hymns or prayers.
    Miscellaneous: Has spent several months powering all the electrical needs of the Earl's Lair. Cannot taste anything.
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