Sinister Penguin

Gender: Male
Race: Penguin
Age: Around 20
Alignment: Chaotic Evil-ish
Class (or approximation): Sorcerer
Power Rating: 5
Description: He has glowing red eyes and wears a coat, a scarf, and a very nice hat. Other than that, he looks like any other penguin, albeit without the common white spot on his belly.

Equipment and Abilities: Sinister Penguin is a powerful and skilled sorcerer, focusing mostly on spells that cause large amounts of harm to others. Underneath the right sleeve of his coat there is a small retractable knife, though he rarely uses this.
Backstory: Sinister Penguin was a normal penguin until he mysteriously gained sapience one day, through means unknown. Since then, he has been building up his magical abilities to aid in his quest to do...evil things. And the occasional good thing, if he gets paid enough and/or is bored enough to do it.
Personality: Sinister Penguin is extremely malevolent and mildly insane. He has a penchant for death and destruction, and can be rather overdramatic at times. He also has a great deal of difficulty taking anything seriously, up to and including life-or-death situations.