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    Din Bastalt

    "there is no such thing as an excuse for torture"
    Gender: Female
    Race:Half elf
    Age: 18
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Class :Ranger/Bard
    power level:C
    short grey, almost tomboyish hair,
    6'3'' tall
    kind face
    grey eyes
    lightly muscled
    whipping marks on her back, and a symbol of a drow noble house branded onto her shoulder
    Inventory: one composite longbow, a pair of blades
    background:teleported from hyrule, during a "mother storm" Din was shipwrecked on the beaches of the nexus near inside. after a few week at HALO, she wandered to far and was captured and enslaved in the underdark . after her escape she fell in love with pixie, and later Married her

    future Din Kaworu:
    Affiliations:HALO, Carrie
    Job: ambassador for HALO/demi goddess of courage
    Powerlevel: S
    Has been granted some power over nature by a high elven goddess. has some deep scars on her back from her time as a drow slave. ascended by ark to demi goddess after her marriage to Carrie
    Theme song: suteki da ne
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