Jeremiah Strange

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Age: 21

Alignment: Neutral Good

Power Rating: C+

Appearance: Jeremiah is 5í9 and weighs 155 pounds. He has unkempt black hair, brown eyes, and a scraggly beard. Aside from keeping his beard trimmed so it stays contained on his face and keeping his hair at a manageable length, he doesnít spend that much time on his personal image, and it shows. His clothes are often comprised of grossly clashing colors, his socks are usually mismatched, and the only shoes he owns are a sandal thatís too small and a boot thatís too big. When he speaks, he speaks in a high pitched and faraway voice, as if his mind isnít completely there.

Equipment and Abilities: Jeremiah has no noteworthy equipment. He is, however, completely immune to most types of magic and magical effects. Heís been known to see through the strongest magical illusions, touch magical artifacts that are supposed to be untouchable, understand magical languages with ease, and remain unscathed after harmful spells and curses. Unfortunately, this effect also applies to beneficial magic, such as healing. This also prevents him from using magic or magical items of any sort.

Backstory: Itís hard to say, as Jeremiah will tell a different tale every time someone asks. What is clear is that he went insane at some point in his life.

Micellaneous: Jeremiah couldnít win a fight to save his life.