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    Esande, Goddess of Light
    Gender: Female
    Age: Shes a goddess I don't think she even has an age
    Alignment: Chaotic good
    Power rating: 7 (I would make it a more goddess worthy power rating, but it wouldn't be any fun if she couldn't get into fights.)
    Appearance: She doesn't have a height. At least not one that anybody could put an actually measurement too. Her pupils are pink and her golden hair flows down to the floor. She wears a shimmering pink and white lace dress.
    Equipment: All her equipment is created through her divine magic.
    Abilities: She is a goddess of light. She can solidify light into whatever form she so pleases. Though the larger the amount of light the more of her energy it uses.
    Backstory: She was created at the beginning of time and has been fighting evil ever since. Her arch nemisis is her own sister. Recently she has been sending out her angels to check up on the world.

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