You should make another column for Spellcasting, the way PrCs in the books usually do it. At first I thought you'd made a PrC that requires spellcasting but doesn't advance it, which is a huge no-no.

Five maneuvers? That's an awful lot. Three is more typical. Especially since you need at least three levels of a prepared spellcasting class; Wizard/Swordsage works nicely, but Wizard/Warblade synergizes better and doesn't work as well. Cleric/Swordsage or Druid/Swordsage would work, though, I guess. But in general, that's a really tight requirement, leaving very little room for the player to do things a bit differently.

And I'm really not sure about burning 1000 gp and a whole month. That seems like flavor that suddenly has a pricetag.

Necromantic Penetration - Seems pretty solid, that will help a lot by 10. The limitation on not being able to use it more than once on one target is oddly worded, though - I assume you meant it doesn't stack? Why not just say "multiple uses of this ability does not stack, it only resets the duration"? Finally, this is pretty powerful. Limiting its uses per day seems like probably a good idea. That, or make it require expending a maneuver readied from the Narrow Bridge discipline or Shadow Hand discipline or something, a la Bloodstorm Blade's throwing thing.

Learn What the Dead Knew - flavorful and awesome.

Death's Quickness - why would I want to do that? I dunno, this sounds really niche. Also, you should perhaps make the Spellcraft bonus scale if you use higher level spell slots.

Forensic Experience - Why not just let it tell you what killed the person? I mean, most of the time I think this going to be pretty obvious, making it somewhat less than useful.

Martial Knowledge - +1 to a couple of skills? That's... really weak.

Martial Channeling - why of a lower level? A spell slot of a given level is always much more powerful than a maneuver of the same level. This is true for a reason (you get maneuvers back, you don't get spell slots). I say make it of the same level. Also, why 1/day? I mean, this is pretty much always a bad deal, but you might as well be able to make that bad deal no matter what you do.

Those restrictions would make a lot more sense if the process was reversed, expending a maneuver to cast a spell without using a slot. Then it should be lower level than the maneuver and should be limited in number of uses per day.

Recover What Has Been Lost - This. Is. Awesome. Seriously. Extremely well done, worth taking the class just for this. So well done.

Bonus Feat - bizarre list you have there. Are you even allowed to take Tomb-Tainted Soul after first level?

Necromantic Insight - ok, sweet.

Take Knowledge from Those Who Have Not Yet Died - That's really cool, I like that.

Steal Spell Knowledge - On the one hand, compared to similar effects that are available, this is really powerful. On the other hand, considering how much the game should have a lot more effects just like this, I call this really good. I like it.

Necrotic Channeling - Uhh... isn't this strictly weaker than Arcane Strike? Other than the Vile damage part. Also, shouldn't you get your Wisdom modifier on that Save DC, too? I mean, otherwise, the concept is quite solid, I just think you're offering too little damage to make it worthwhile.

Martial-Necromantic Synergy - Very interesting, I could see going either way on this. Nice.

Gift to Those Yet To Be - Uh... you die to give someone one maneuver? That sounds like a terrible trade. And it'd be damn hard to use this in a position where you're dying anyway (not to mention the fact that you can't get res'd, meaning you wouldn't want to anyway). This is fitting and all, but it's simply never, ever going to get used by anyone.

True Enlightenment - Hmm, most likely these two numbers are pretty close. I'd do something like "any class level that does not add to your caster level, but adds to your initiator level, may add that amount to your caster level as well" and "any level that does not add as much to your initiator level as it does to your caster level, adds the full amount of the addition to your caster level to your initiator level."

Or, "your initiator level and caster level become one and the same. No class level may add more than +1 to this level, but any level that adds to caster or initiator level may add to this level. Any bonus to caster or initiator level may be added to this level, but any bonus that affects both may only be added once. You may use this level for any effect that relies on caster level or initiator level."