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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Yamako Kasturagi

    Gender: female
    Alignment: chaotic neutral
    Class: Shadowrun style Gunslinger adept/hacker
    Description: in her normal state, yamako looks like a 5'6'' human with long purple hair in pigtails,pale skin, and deep blue eyes.
    Abilities: while magical, she uses her magic to enhance the abilities of her body instead of casting spells. she is ambidextrous, and can duel wield guns, or a gun and a blade weapon. she can easily hack standard PC systems, but has trouble with bigger systems, and needs a week or so for those. she is a practitioner of parkour .not good at stealth.
    equipment:comlink with smartgun system, 2 glocks , a monofilament short sword, a Kevlar vest
    Backstory:a runner stuck in the matrix during the the crash of 2064, her latent magic developed to save her from the horrible fate she might have had, and transporting her to the nexus. in the last 8 years, she has become a successful hitman,hacker, and assassin in the nexus, but now feels the need to step out of the shadows.
    well she now thinks the shadows were a lot more comfortable, and seeks them again
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