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    Arkizikal Bandor
    "Ark" for short.

    Gender: Male
    Race: Augmented Human
    Age: 25 (2,148)
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Class: Jade Phoenix Mage
    Power Rating: 7
    Description: Ark is 6'4" bout 265lbs with green eye's that have a deeper shade of green pupils. he is quite muscular and has midnight black hair. he wears camouflage shorts. he has a full back piece tat on his back of a phoenix rising out of green flames and has half sleeve arm band tats on both arms of arcane runes. he usually wears a ear ring in each ear and a single amulet made of gold with a emerald in the center.
    Equipment and Abilities: Ear-rings of mind shielding, magic amulet from a previous life that he doesn't remember what it does. a pair of MMA gloves with arcane runes stitched in, that he yet again doesn't know how to activate.
    Backstory: Ark belongs to the order of The Jade Phoenix. It is a group of beings who are reincarnated continuously. They awaken the memory and some of the abilities they had in their previous lives, and use them along with arcane magic and martial maneuvers. Ark started his training at a monestary dedicated to Esande, goddess of light. He trained in unarmed combat and in divinely inspired martial tactics. He awoke his arcane abilities while their and was found by another Jade Phoenix Mage who undertook Ark's Rite of Awakening. Ark's previous life was one of destruction and evil. He now seeks to atone for his past and to regain his connection to the good of the multiverse.
    Miscellaneous: Arkizikal has a twin. who is also a Jade Phoenix Mage. But Balzamal has been MIA for the past 4 years. Ark doesn't have any current leads, but he also trusts his brother to come back on his own.
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