Name: Rowan Chalybeate

Gender: Male

Eyes: Sea green

Race: Human with small amounts of magic talent inbred. Think like a dragon, but on the level of dainty tricks right now.

Hair: Sandy brown with streaks of platnium blond.

Personality: He tends be rather fool hardy, and overly chivalrous even when the person wouldn't want it, and it would end with him in a rather bad state. Aside from this he tries to abide by the code of the Knight Errant. Battle Evil where it would cause harm to the innocent. Live a honourable life putting others before himself, and to do what is right no matter the consequences. (It's not the actual code, but it's the one he lives by.)


Mildly competent swordsmen ship: He is a decent swordsmen, nothing to scream about, but he can hold his own in a fight against soldiers and such, but not bona fide knights, or professional swordsmen.

Less then competent bowman: He was defined as "The Bumbler" in his archery courses... He can hit the target... so long as it's not moving. If it is though... He couldn't hit the broad side of a barn.

Adept Shield use: He's good with using a shield, and was near the top of his relatively low class. He can block, and take punishment fairly well... He just cant dish it.

Sword of Unenchantedness: A normal longsword... that be it.

Armor of relatively good protection: His main family heriloom a set of Adamantine Full Plate complete with a layer of admantine chain in between the layers of plate to stop arrows, and spears. This is his biggest boon in life, but it's still not as good as most magic armors, and certainly not as good as any spell based protections.